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6 Fun Things To Do In Redcliffe

When you’ve done your weekend lawn mowing (or you’ve booked someone to do it for you!), you’ll want to get out and enjoy this lovely seaside town. To help you get started, here are six fun things to do in Redcliffe – all tried and tested by us and our kids:


1. Go Back In Time @ The Redcliffe Museum

Wait! Don’t stop reading just because you think museums are boring. This (free) museum is truly one of Redcliffe’s hidden gems. So nondescript on the outside, but so full of life and history on the inside. It boasts very modern displays and architecture.

Be sure to watch the excellent short film that positively surprises both adults and children (primary school age and up), as well as teaches about the history of Redcliffe and Brisbane.

And bonus points for the museum’s display of vintage lawn mowers! Not just one, but four old lawn mowers are proudly on display as part of Redcliffe’s historical displays.

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The Redcliffe Museum in Brisbane’s Moreton Bay region is an wonderful unexpected surprise for visitors!© GreenSocks


Redcliffe Museum Lawn Mowers, old lawn mowers at the museum, vintage lawn mowers, lawnmowing, lawn mowing Redcliffe, GreenSocks

Two old lawn mowers at the Redcliffe Museum. © GreenSocks


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Another vintage lawn mower at the Redcliffe Museum! © GreenSocks


Redcliffe Museum Lawn Mower, lawn mowers in redcliffe, redcliffe lawn mowing, greensocks

Loving all the lawn mowers in Redcliffe! © GreenSocks


2. Settlement Cove Lagoon

When you need to cool down after a busy morning of lawn mowing in Redcliffe, put your lawn mower back in the shed and take your family down to the amazing man-made lagoon along Redcliffe’s Esplanade. This expansive lagoon is an absolute treat for parents and kids alike – and is one of the most fun things to do in Redcliffe, so enjoy it!

Settlement Cove Lagoon, Redcliffe, Moreton Bay Region, Brisbane, QLD, GreenSocks, lawnmowing Redcliffe, lawn mowing Redcliffe, redcliffe lawn mowing services, fun things to do in Redcliffe

When you finish lawn mowing, head down to Settlement Cove Lagoon to cool off with your family! © GreenSocks


3. Stroll Down Memory Lane with The Bee Gees

Who would have thought… the Bee Gees, the Australian pop music sensation who have sold more than 200 million records and who are responsible for six of the songs on the hit Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, actually grew up in Redcliffe?

As a tribute to this homegrown group – comprising of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb – the Moreton Bay Regional Council proudly offers The Bee Gees Walk, which is a lane way linking Redcliffe Parade to Sutton Street, that showcases more than 60 pictures and 13 album covers personally curated by Barry Gibb.

At the time of writing, Barry is the only surviving member of the famous group, and he is second only to The Beatles’ Paul McCartney in the Guinness Book of Records’ most successful songwriters in history.

Bee Gees Walk, Redcliffe, Moreton Bay, Brisbane, GreenSocks, Lawn mowing Redcliffe, fun things to do in Redcliffe

The Bee Gees Walk – A great piece of history – and one of fun things to do in Redcliffe! © GreenSocks


4. Dine @ Redcliffe’s Waterfront Cafes

The cafes along Redcliffe Parade, with views of the water and the Redcliffe Jetty and Esplanade, have really come alive recently. Cactus Jacks, Bikini Beach Cafe, The Coffee Club, The Rustic Olive and Hogs Breath Cafe are just some of the places you can grab a bite to eat and a fix of caffeine after your busy morning of lawn mowing!

Cactus Jacks, Redcliffe, Brisbane, fun things to do in Redcliffe, lawn mowing Redcliffe, GreenSocks

Cactus Jacks – A great place to eat after a hot morning of Redcliffe lawn mowing. © GreenSocks


Bikini Beach Cafe, Redcliffe, Brisbane, GreenSocks, lawn mowing in redcliffe

Bikini Beach Cafe – another fun place to eat after a hot morning of Redcliffe lawn mowing. © GreenSocks


Coffee Club Redcliffe, lawn mowing Redcliffe, hire someone to mow my lawn in redcliffe, greensocks, fun things to do in redcliffe

The Coffee Club. A great place to grab a caffeine fix while your lawn mowing guy does all the hard work for you! © GreenSocks


5. Walk, Skateboard or Scooter On the Redcliffe Jetty

Whilst it may seem like “just a jetty” that is fun to walk, skateboard or scooter along, the Redcliffe Jetty is also one of the most historically important structures in Redcliffe.

For example: Did you know that the Redcliffe Jetty was built when Redcliffe lost out to Southport on its bid for a rail line? Or that the Redcliffe Jetty was heralded a major success because it halved the 4 hour trip from Brisbane to Redcliffe, and attracted thousands of Brisbane day-trippers (and many future town residents) as a result?

Redcliffe Jetty, Moreton Bay Region, Brisbane, fun things to do in Redcliffe after lawn mowing, lawn mowing in Redcliffe, GreenSocks

The famous Redcliffe Jetty. A fun thing to do after you’ve mowed your lawn and want to get out and about! © GreenSocks


6. Let The Kids Loose @ Amity Playground 

Less than a 100 metre walk from the Redcliffe Jetty, the kids will have a ball here in Amity Playground. Swings, flying fox, wooden ship, climbing activities and more, let the kids loose while you stroll around (whilst responsibly supervising them, of course!) to read the history of Redcliffe’s first European Settlement on the surrounding monuments and plaques.

Amity Park and Playground in Redcliffe, lawn mowing redcliffe, greensocks, fun things to do in redcliffe

Amity Park – A fun thing for kids to do in Redcliffe! © GreenSocks


Redcliffe: A Great Place to Live or Visit

Great news! These days, you don’t have to travel two hours on a boat to get to Brisbane. The 28km is a fast commute with modern transport (unless you leave in peak hour), which makes it very feasible to work in Brisbane’s CBD and return each evening to this lovely seaside town.

But with so many local services and sport options in Redcliffe and surrounding suburbs such as Kippa-Ring, Margate, Newport, Scarborough, Woody Point, Clontarf, Rothwell, Kallangur and Deception Bay and a little further afield, Bracken RidgeMorayfield and Caboolture), you might not ever need to go into Brisbane city at all.

Especially with North Lakes (and its huge Westfield Shopping Centre and mega grocery store Costco) being just a hop, skip and a jump away!

redcliffe map, map of redcliffe, moreton bay, brisbane, greensocks, lawnmowing in redcliffe, redcliffe lawn mowing

Map of Redcliffe and surrounding suburbs. Moreton Bay region. Brisbane. Queensland. Image credit: Google


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