GreenSocks Lawn Mowing

An established Kiwi-owned and operated lawn mowing and garden care brand is about to hit the ground mowing in the land down under. Crewcut, now with more than 200 franchises and headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand, has just taken over GreenSocks Lawn Mowing. Having been operational since 1991, we reckon there is no better celebration for our 30-year mark than to be a part of Australian households moving forward.

A helping hand to all your garden work, offering lawn mowing, hedge trimming, garden tidies, and tree trimming among others – we look forward to introducing ourselves and to serving you very, very soon.

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait until then and would like to inquire about business opportunities, partnerships, and/or general information requests, shoot us a message at .

Grass and Garden

Want to learn more about lawn painting, using mulch in your garden, green magic homes or three reasons why gardening is good for you? Curious about the best time of day to mow your lawn, tips for a healthy lawn, or how much lawn mowing costs? Want to see highlights from the latest gardening shows? Visit our Grass and Garden blog today.

3 Steps to a Pet Friendly Garden

Having space for your pet to roam free in your garden is a luxury that many pet owners can only dream of. But if you are a pet owner who is lucky enough to have a garden for your beloved companions, you’d be wise to take to take these three steps to...

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The Ultimate DIY Rooftop Garden Guide

If you’re missing a backyard, but have always dreamed of building a rooftop garden, this DIY guide could be just what you need to inspire you for the new year. Everything from garden structure and restrictions, to plant choice and soil choice, from space and...

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Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2016

Last weekend, we drove 125km west of Brisbane to visit “The Garden City” of Toowoomba, in Queensland’s Darling Downs region. The occasion was the The Carnival of Flowers, Toowoomba’s preeminent garden event, now in it’s 67th year....

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How To Grow Your Mowing Business

If you’re a lawn mowing professional who is hungry for ideas about How To Grow Your Mowing Business, then check out our mowing blog for practical tips, noise restriction times, ideas to get more customers for a lawn mowing business, mistakes to avoid, lawn mowing franchise information, how much others charge for lawn mowing, and more.

5 Old Fashioned Manners That Can Grow Your Business

As you know, it’s relatively easy to start a lawn mowing business. This is good because it means you can start a mowing and gardening business quickly, but bad because it means so many other people can do the same thing. So, how can you stand out and prove your...

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How To Get & Use Testimonials for Your Lawn Care Business

One of the most powerful ways to get new customers and grow your lawn care business is to get testimonials from customers who are currently happy with your lawn service. If you are too scared or too busy to ask your customers for a testimonial, let today be a wake up...

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Growth Hacking Your Lawn Mowing Business

If you have a lawn mowing business and are interested in bringing in more customers (and money) to your business, you might be interested in the term growth hacking. What is growth hacking? In a nutshell, growth hacking is the process of rapid experimentation to learn...

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Lawn Mowers

Come join the fun over on our blog about lawn mowers. From lawn mower reviews to lawn mower repair shops, cheap lawn mowers and lawnmowers on sale, to premium ride on mowers that can go faster than a Maserati, we’ll dig up the best tips and stories for you, and we’ll also interview some lawnmower experts for all the best lawn mower advice.

Why You Need Ear Protection When Mowing Lawns

Whether you run a lawn mowing business or only mow your own lawn, it’s important to remember that a lawn mower is a powerful machine, capable of causing physical harm to yourself and/or others. So, don’t try to be a superhero when it comes to health and...

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5 Lawn Mower Good News Stories

If you don’t think you and your trusty lawn mower have the power to make a difference in your community, think again. Whilst a lawn mower and an able body might seem like standard pieces of equipment to a lawn mowing pro, they can represent insurmountable...

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Lets Play Lawn Mowing Video Games

When it’s raining outside and I can’t mow my real lawn, what do I do? I play lawn mowing video games of course! Here’s been some of my favourites over the year. Hover Bovver (1983 for Commodore 64) Sure, the graphics are from the 80’s, but they...

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