3 DIY Bedroom Ideas That’ll Help You Sleep At Night

3 DIY Bedroom Ideas That’ll Help You Sleep At Night

The bedroom is one place in the house where there is just an endless number of opportunities to do a revamp. The question you no longer want to lose sleep over at night though is… which bedroom makeover project do I do first?

To kickstart your handyman thinking, here are three DIY bedroom ideas you may want to try over the weekend:

Tip 1: Make a Platform Bed

A platform bed gives you two things: a good-sized bed and more storage space underneath. Find a few bookcases that, when lain on their sides and assembled together can form the bed’s outer base and would be big enough and tall enough for the bed you need.

Better yet, ask a handyman to make this base for you. Use some posts that are just as high as your outer base to add additional support inside the base (shelves) you’ve put together and attach them to the shelves using brackets. Cover the entire thing with plywood, securing them to the posts as well. Add your mattress on top and you have a comfy bed with loads of additional storage underneath.

Tip 2: Use Bookshelves as Headboards

The perfect headboard is often hard to find, but a couple of narrow bookshelves can do the trick for you. Position two narrow bookshelves at either sides of your bed – and yes, this means that you’ll have to ditch those boring hand-me-down side tables.

Ask your handyman to attach a piece of plywood to the tops of the bookcases to make them seem like one big piece. Paint the bookshelves and wood connecting the two to unify the look. You can attach pin lights or spotlights at the bottom of the plywood to highlight a piece of artwork that you would like to hang on the wall just above your head, or you can use some old Christmas lights to frame the entire piece for an added effect. You can even colour the wall framed inside your faux headboard a different colour.

Tip 3: Organise Stray Picture Frames Onto Shelves

If you want some family pictures displayed on a wall rather than sitting around on top of bedside tables, you don’t need to go the conventional way and individually hang them. (It’s such a pain having to line them up on the wall, nail holes on the wall and then try to conceal the holes later when you decide you don’t want them anymore.)

Instead, why not attach narrow shelves to the wall and line up your frames on these shelves? You can even ask your local handyman to cut up a few pieces of wood that would be just the right width you need and install them for you, to save time.

This does not just remove the hassle of figuring out how to hang frames of different sizes, it is also an interesting way to display some knick knacks in the process.


Bedroom makeovers do not need to be complicated. Start simple, armed with just a few materials and your creativity, and you might be amazed what you can achieve without break the bank or adding to your home mortgage!

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