3 Simple Garden Ideas To Add Interest To Your Backyard

3 Simple Garden Ideas To Add Interest To Your Backyard

If your backyard is looking tired and uninspiring, it might be time for some new garden ideas so you can give your garden a new lease of life. But wait… first things first…

There’s no use adding new features to your garden if your backyard is a perpetual mess. Get your lawn mowed and then either spend one or two weekends cleaning it up, or hire a local gardener to do it for you. Once you dig out the weeds, prune back the trees and get rid of any unnecessary clutter, you’ll be amazed at how good you’ll start to feel about your backyard’s potential.

Idea 1: Add Pathways

Adding pathways to your backyard is a good way to give it dimension and draw the eye where you want people to go. For a wood pathway, you will need some planks of reclaimed wood, some nails and a spade so you can clear out the dirt before laying down your planks. For concrete, slate or mosaic tiles, you will probably need to go to your local hardware store to buy what you need. This is a very feasible DIY gardening project that should only take you one day to complete. (Don’t worry about being too ambitious with your garden ideas. If you get stuck or would prefer to be at the beach instead, it’s easy to call in a gardener later to finish it off for you.)

Idea 2: Build A Mini Spiral Garden

If you have never thought about making a mini spiral garden, these simple photos might help you see how easy it is. You just need a pot and an old bamboo mat that you can twist into a spiral. Then fill up the spiral with different levels of soil before you plant your favourite herbs or blooms around the new spiral in the pot.

Idea 3: Create A Vertical Vegetable Garden

If you have a yearning to grow your own veggies but you don’t have much space in your backyard garden, why not build a vertical garden up your wall? Or even create mini-gardens in hanging pots around your backyard? Just grab a ladder, some pots, ropes, hooks and a hammer to get started. If you like what you create, you can always do the same for herbs, flowers and more.

Want More Garden Ideas?

Your backyard, no matter how big or small, can become your own private playground or show space. Just be sure to keep it neat and clean plus install little additions to add to its overall look.

These were just three simple ideas to spruce up your backyard – on a budget. To discover more ideas, do a little research on Pinterest or visit your favourite gardening forums. There are so many garden ideas online these days that you’re sure to find some ideas that might work for you!

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