4 Budget Ideas For Your Home Office Makeover

4 Budget Ideas For Your Home Office Makeover

If you work from home, you probably fall into one of two camps: those who are bored with their office; or those who have given their home office a much-needed makeover and are more productive each day because of it.

For those of you who are looking to give your home office a new boost of life, here are four simple and affordable ideas for your home office makeover. You do not need specialised skills and the best part is they are quite fun to do. Or if you would prefer help, your local handyman or friends are probably just a quick phone call away!

Idea 1: DIY Standing Desk

Do your legs and back get sore from sitting on your computer chair all day? Mine do. In fact it really messes up my back and sort of makes my legs tingle. So if you’re like me, why not try alternating your work day between sitting in a chair at your desk and standing at your new stand-up desk?

Sound silly? It’s not really. Australia’s Commonwealth Bank has built them for staff at their headquarters at Darling Harbour in Sydney. The desks are supposed to not only help staff be more productive, but to live longer!

These standing desks retail for quite a lot of money but you can easily make one either DIY or with the help of your local handyman. Aim for a height where your laptop will enable your elbows and forearms to be straight and not raised or lowered in a way that is not considered ergonomic or healthy.

Idea 2: Wall Memory Board for Notes

If you are a scatterbrain and don’t know where you would be without reminder notes all over your desk, why not try a wall-mounted memory board?

You can either pick one up at a garage sale or make your own. Just grab a few frames and cut the right size of cork board to fit in them. You should be able to easily hang them on your wall with some double-sided tape or hooks. So not only will they help you remember things, but they can add some unexpected ambience or funkiness to your home office each day.

Idea 3: Clear Your Wall Of Motivational Quotes

Have you ever put so many motivational quotes on your wall that you never end up reading them and they just seem to form part of a wall of text mess that overwhelms you?

The best way to overcome that is to take all of them off your wall and just choose one or two only that you want to read and inspire you every day. That way, you’ll likely stay motivated, not overwhelmed, and potentially become more productive as a result!

Idea 4: Add More Light

Dim-lit, dark rooms are depressing. Add more light and you’ll probably feel more positive about going to work every day!

The first option is more natural light. Take down (or change) the blinds or curtains to let more light in. Change the lightbulbs and/or change the lights to boost energy in the room – and increase your productivity too!

Want More Ideas?

These are small DIY projects that can make a massive impact on your work space. Should you want larger changes that involve knocking down walls, you might want to call on a handyman for some help.

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