4 DIY Kitchen Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Cook Tonight

4 DIY Kitchen Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Cook Tonight

If there’s one problem with the modern kitchen, it’s that it stores so many things in so many small spaces. From the fake-gold-encrusted serving dish that Aunty Joyce gave you for your wedding, to the bucket-loads of Tupperware that you’ve accumulated from dozens of house warming parties, you name it, you’ve probably stored it in your kitchen!

The good news is that even for the most serious hoarder, there is always room for improvement. Here are four ideas for DIY kitchen ideas that could make all the difference to a crowded kitchen space:

Tip 1: Let There Be Light

If your kitchen looks dark, cramped and small, why not remove your blinds or curtains and let more light in? Or install a skylight? Or paint your cupboards a lighter colour so you feel like you live in a more spacious kitchen zone. You can always paint your countertops a brighter colour to make things more interesting, but the lighter cupboards can give the illusion of space – making your kitchen seem even bigger than it actually is.

Tip 2: Strip It Bare

If there’s one thing that minimalists do best, it’s get rid of clutter. Go through one cupboard at a time and consider throwing out everything you haven’t used in last year.

Another idea is to ask your handyman to replace closed overhead cupboards with open shelves. Cupboards are very bulky and they sometimes give your kitchen a cramped look. Having open shelves might allow you to organise more effectively, as everything is out in the open and you can see whether you still need to keep something or not. It might also inspire you to discard unused items that you don’t want on display.

Tip 3: Open It Up

Do you feel like your kitchen is too secluded and makes you feel suffocated when you spend too much time in it? It might sound crazy, but have you thought about getting rid of the walls and having an open kitchen that you can fully see from the dining or living area?

One, it gives the illusion of space. Two, it allows you to have interaction with people outside the kitchen. You can ask your handyman to make some counters to border your kitchen in place of the walls if you like – which might also give you more room for food preparation and appliance storage!

Tip 4: Brighten Your World

Lighting is something so crucial in the kitchen, yet it seems to be one thing that a lot of kitchens lack. Find single spaces and corners that could house a few lights and grab the opportunity to use them. Hanging lights would be perfect for bars and centre islands, while you can add pin lights or spotlights in the corners. Not only will these allow you to have more light in your kitchen, this will also be an opportunity for interesting design as you mix and match your lighting options with the overall feel that you want your kitchen to have.

Summing Up…

These are just four simple ideas for you and your handyman to work on to improve the look, feel and spaciousness in your kitchen. To find more ideas, just jump online to home improvement forums, DIY blogs, Pinterest boards and more. There is so much inspiration around that surely you’ll find some ideas that will work perfectly for your kitchen!

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