4 Simple Renovation Ideas For The Weekend

4 Simple Renovation Ideas For The Weekend

Looking for some quick home renovation ideas that you could knock over in one weekend?

Here are four that shouldn’t leave you broke or divorced:

1. Add a Splash of Colour

It does not take much for your home to descend into a routine resting place that feels dull and drab. By adding a little colour here and there, your living space can come alive again – and you can feel energised too!

Try using accent pieces that draw attention. Get creative with a bright red poster or an orange ceramic pot on the wall that can be useful in the kitchen as well as double as a decorative talking piece.

Painting your front door sunny yellow can boost your spirits and make your home more inviting without costing you an arm and a leg.

Changing your curtains into something livelier can also work wonders. If you can’t find what you like in stores, jump online and you’ll likely be amazed at what can be (affordably) ordered at just the click of a button. 

2. Hang an Interesting Mirror

Everyone notices an interesting mirror in an unexpected place. Instead of leaving the mirrors to the bathroom, why not hang an unusual mirror in your living room or entrance-way as well?

Mirrors create the illusion of space and give your eyes a much needed break from the monotony of a dull walls. All you have to do is pick out a mirror with the style and frame you want and either hang it yourself or call a local handyman to do it for you hassle-free.

3. Re-Purpose Old Items

Every home tends to have some old furniture items that sit in the same spot, day after day, without much TLC.

One common example would be your kitchen table – which has probably seen better days. It’s probably the most used table in your house and is starting to look a bit tired. Did you know that just by painting your kitchen table you could liven up your whole kitchen area?

If your table seems beyond a paint job, jump in the car and visit some local thrift stores to see if anyone has donated a kitchen table recently that could become the perfect addition to your home.

4. Enhance Your Street Appeal

A few hours in the front yard tending to your garden or giving the mailbox a fresh coat of paint can instantly enhance your home’s street appeal, boost it’s value and just make you feel good about where you live. Add flowers, pull weeds, mow the grass, add a water feature – it all helps.

And Remember…

When you see your neighbours relaxing by the pool this weekend and you start to wonder why you donned your garden shorts instead, try to ignore their frivolity and think how good you’ll feel next weekend when you’re the one relaxing by the pool instead.

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