5 Clever Home Handyman Ideas To Tidy Up Your Garage

5 Clever Home Handyman Ideas To Tidy Up Your Garage

Garages are great for storing things. Except when you throw so much in there that you dread ever having to look for anything!

If your garage is too cluttered and you’ve decided it’s time to tidy up your garage, first, give your garage a good Spring clean, then, try some of these five home handyman ideas…

Tip 1: Install Wall Baskets

This one’s easy. Just go to your local hardware store and pick out some wire baskets and some hooks (or adhesives) that you can use to stick the baskets on the wall. You should find that wire baskets come in many sizes, so you are sure to find ones that will help you organise loose garage items and hang them on the wall.

Tip 2: Bundle Up Your Sports Balls

Balls rolling all over your garage? Simply string some bungee cords (or nets) together to form a sort of cage for the balls and you have yourself a neat and easy-to-make storage compartment for those ever-straying balls.

Tip 3: Chalkboard Labels

If you are never sure where to look for things in your garage, it is time to work with chalkboard labels. Simply buy some chalkboard paint from your local hardware or handicrafts store and paint the surfaces of your drawers and cabinets. When the paint dries into a chalkboard finish, grab your chalk and start labelling. This way, you never have to make a mess looking for one specific thing since the labels will tell you what is inside the drawer or closet.

Tip 4: Magic Magnets

Are you always losing your tools in your garage? If yes, then all you need are some magnetic strips with adhesive backing. Stick your small tools on the strips when you are done and they should stay put until the next time you need to use them. This is a super-convenient way to store tools and keep them handy at the same time.

Tip 5: Hook Them

Do you have some old or extra wrenches lying about? Turn them into hooks and use nails to stick them to your walls. This is a great way to add some artistic touch to your space, and also a good way to recycle things you do not use anymore.

Want More?

These home handyman ideas are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like more ideas, jump online and be inspired by the world of Google. There is so much you can do – you just have to get started!

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