5 Crazy Lawn Mower Stunts

5 Crazy Lawn Mower Stunts

If you thought your lawn mower was just for mowing the lawn, today’s collection of five crazy lawn mower stunts will blast that notion out of the water. If the Internet has taught us anything over the years, it’s that there are no limits as to how to use your everyday power tools – including your humble lawn mower. Take a look…


The Jumping Mower Stunt


What do the stuntmen at Nitro Circus use when they’re not on their motorbikes? Lawn mowers, apparently. This video shows the Nitro team teaming up with the Guinness Book of World Records to destroy existing records and get Nitro into the record books yet again.

From Jolene Van Vugt’s motorcycle backflip to Streetbike Tommy’s distance attempt on a lawnmower, to Jim De Champ’s sport-changing motorcycle front flip, the Nitro Circus team were determined to set a mind-blowing number of Guinness World Records with their crazy lawn mower stunts…


Nitro Circus ep. 7 – Guinness Book from Philipp Schirmer on Vimeo.


The Shopping Cart Mower Stunt


Crazy Steve Jessup is at again in his lawn mower DUI video pulling ten stolen shopping trolleys behind his ride on mower. We have to ask… Does he deliberately stake out police cars before he pulls his stunts? Either way, he successfully gets the attention he needs to help this lawn mower video achieve nearly 2.5 million views!




The Jet Mower Stunt


So, this is what your mowing guy does on his day off? Probably not. No lawn mowing professional we know would do this to their pride and joy. These mad nutter antics tend to be the folly of lawn mowing amateurs. But they’re fun crazy lawn mower stunts to watch. Check out how Scott Bouchard uses a homemade gas turbine installed under the seat of a ride on lawnmower to create a powerful jet flame!




The 9 Lawn Mower Stunt


More subdued than the Nitro Circus effort, but we have to give credit to anyone who mows the lawn by hooking up nine push mowers to one ride on mower and get them all to cruise successfully along in the forward motion…



The Shed Crash & Lawn Mower Wheelie Stunt


Lawnmower stuntman Corey Piergallini shows you how not to do it in his video of crashing through his outdoor shed, before following it up with some impressive lawn mower wheelies. But every manouevere risks some major damage to his lawnmower, so we’re guessing he either didn’t pay for his lawnmower or he picked a cheap lawnmower up second-hand. What do you think?



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