5 Ideas For An Awesome Man Cave

5 Ideas For An Awesome Man Cave

Every man dreams of having their own man cave – a space of their very own where they can eat and drink what they want, watch sports, play games, scream at the TV and just be themselves without risking the ire of a significant other for being too loud or messy.

To help you create the awesome man cave of your dreams, here are 5 ideas to inspire you:

Idea 1: A Walk-In Beer Cave

What better way to assert your authority than to create a beer cave in the man cave? Build it out yourself or call in your local handyman to help you mould it into your ideal supply fridge. Stock it with everything you need (for the first year!) and your mates will never leave. And neither will you!

Idea 2: A Games Table

You’re going to need an activity for you and your buddies when it’s halftime in the sports match. Why not build or buy a games table with air hockey, foosball and/or billiards? Or if you have lots of space, multiple game tables!

Idea 3: A Gigantic Bean Bag

If you unsew a few (or a dozen) bean bags, join them together and resew them as one gigantic bean bag – you’ll have a super-cool place to enjoy your movies with your mates!

Idea 4: Hammocks

Two words: Why not? If you don’t want to attach your hammock to the ceiling. You can attach the nets to poles in your room to ‘hang around’ instead.

Idea 5: A Huge Flat Screen TV

No man cave is complete without at least one larger-than-life digital screen. How else will you feel like you’re really at those cricket, rugby league, union and AFL games?

To save space, you may like to mount your TV to your wall. And remember, there’s no shame in asking your local handyman for help – to get it done right the first time.

If you have plenty of space, buy a few screens, so you can watch all your games at once without needing the remote control!

Last Words…

There is no limit to what you include in your man cave. Dream big. Think big. Create big. It’s your room. Make it man cave memorable!

Image: DwellWellOnline via BuzzFeed

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