5 Fun Lawn Mower Wedding Gifts

5 Fun Lawn Mower Wedding Gifts

George Clooney received (way too much) press coverage last week when his wife of just over one year, Amal Alamuddin, gifted him a ride on lawn mower for his 55th birthday. The news article was timely for us here at GreenSocks, where weddings, gifts and of course, lawn mowers have been the talk of our team of late, given our GreenSocks co-founder Richard Eastes just married his beautiful fiancee Toni at the beginning of May.

Whilst there was no lawnmower theme at Richard and Toni’s wedding, if we had our time again, here are 5 lawn mower wedding gifts that we should have bought for Richard and Toni on their special day…


1. A couple’s ride on mower, to ride into the sunset

Gillian and Matthew Attwood had the right idea when they included a John Deere ride on mower in their riverside wedding in South Africa, featured on Confetti Day Dreams and photographed by Mavric Photography.

Lawn Mower Wedding (Image credit: KirstenMavric.co.uk)

Lawn Mower Wedding (Image credit: KirstenMavric.co.uk)


2. A lawn mower wedding cake topper

Whether on a traditional fruit or vanilla cake, or on Richard and Toni’s unique, cheese (yes!) wedding cake, we think one of these lawn mower wedding cake toppers would have been a fun additional to the GreenSocks co-founder’s wedding offerings. What do you think?

Lawn mower wedding cake toppers, featured on Etsy.com

Lawn mower wedding cake toppers, featured on Etsy


3. Matching Lawn Mowing Themed Accessories

What’s not romantic about matching lawn mower themed accessories for your phone and laptop? A green lawn-themed MacBook Pro sleeve, a grassy iPhone case and/or a retro, Saturday-morning-themed MacBook Pro sleeve with an outdated male-female stereotype image. A perfect wedding gift for the happy couple.

Lawn mowing accessories on Zazzle

Lawn mowing accessories on Zazzle


4. A lifetime supply of GreenSocks lawn mows

Even though Richard actually gets a kick out of lawn mowing, who doesn’t like a golden ticket of some sort that offers the promise of never having to do this household chore again?

It would have been a good idea… as long as it didn’t end up costing GreenSocks US$29 million, like the golden American Airlines ticket held by Steve Rothstein, who bought it 1987 for US$250,000 (plus a companion ticket for US$150,000).

Sorry Richard. In the absence of a golden ticket, looks like you’ll either have to mow yourself or book someone else to do it for you. But never fear, we know just the right company to help get your lawn mowed!


GreenSocks - The easiest way to get your lawn mowed


5. A 3D printed robotic lawn mower

Or… another idea would have been to give Richard and Toni a 3D printed robotic lawn mower, to add to their high tech collection of a flying drone and a ground-level robot.


Got more ideas?

Have you given a lawn mower themed wedding gift? If so, tell us more. We’d love to hear more ideas on what to give someone in the lawn mowing industry on their wedding day.


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