5 Super Cool Lawn Mowers

5 Super Cool Lawn Mowers

Let’s face it. Lawn mowers can look pretty boring. That is, unless you have one of these five super cool lawn mowers that will surely entice you out into the yard to get your lawn mowed…

The F1 Lawn Mower

If you have ever dreamed of becoming an F1 Champion like Michael Schumacher or Lewis Hamilton, the F1 lawn mower (pictured above) might just be for you. The only trouble is that you can’t buy it yet, because at this stage it’s just a concept mower, by clever French designer Kadeg Boucher. But if you could buy it (or DIY it), imagine the clients you’d have rushing to your lawn mowing business! I mean, who wouldn’t want their mowing guy to be the absolute coolest in town?

The John Deere Chopper Mower Trike

Too tough to be seen with a standard push mower? Then try and track down one of these John Deere Chopper Mower Trikes. Super cool. Almost too cool to mow the lawn with. You’d certainly be the talk of the town if you mowed your lawn with one of these!

Super cool lawn mowers - the John Deere Chopper Mower Trike

Super cool lawn mower – the John Deere Chopper Mower Trike, Image credit: Anonymous


The Mower That Can Go Faster Than A Maserati

As unbelievable as that sounds, it’s actually true. The Honda Mean Mower (which can still cut grass at up to 24.14km/hr) can go faster than a Maserati, and they have a Guinness World Record to prove it! The supercharged ride-on mower (which is a Honda HF2620 lawn tractor re-built from the ground up) clocked 187.6km/hr last year in Spain by Guinness World Records officials.


The Octopus Mower

Whilst I don’t understand how a four-armed tractor could be called an Octopus (does it know it’s missing four arms?), there’s no denying this Dutch farming tractor can do a heavy duty job of cutting some stubborn, overgrown grass.

This machine is called the Claas Xerion 3300 VC Octopus. Perfect for the superhero inside you who always wanted stretchy powers like Plastic-Man (DC Comics), Elasti-Girl (The Incredibles) or Mister Fantastic (Fantastic 4).


The World’s First Internet Connected Lawn Mower

Earlier this week, Michel from Canada posted in Hackaday about his creation: the world’s first internet connected lawnmower. Basically, Michel bought the new EGO 56V Lithium-Ion mower and strapped a 64MHz PIC18F25K22 to a ESP8266 and connected it to the internet.

Then thanks to a series of hall effect sensors and magnets, which detect when the cutting system is in use and counts wheel revolutions, it delivers data on the distance Michel pushed the mower and the time he spent cutting grass. If he’s proud of your efforts, he can push a tweet to his @MyEGOMower Twitter account with his stats, and then to his personal Facebook page!

Coolest lawn mowers, World's First Internet Connected Lawnmower, Hackaday, GreenSocks lawnmowing

One of the coolest lawn mowers around the world, this is what Michel’s internet connected lawnmower looks like! Image credit: Hackaday.com


Want more super cool lawn mowers?

Come visit again! We’ll be featuring more super cool lawn mowers in the future, plus we’ll be interviewing mower experts for lawn mower reviews, and much more.

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