5 Tips To Maximise Space In Your Inner-City Apartment

5 Tips To Maximise Space In Your Inner-City Apartment

Urban living presents its share of advantages and disadvantages. Sure, everything is accessible and walking distance from you but the lack of living space in an inner-city apartment can be very frustrating. Without discipline, it doesn’t take long for a little bit of clutter can turn your apartment into an obstacle course.

The good news is that you can actually maximise the space you have in your apartment. Here are five quick tips to maximise space in your inner-city apartment:

Tip 1: Opt For Sliding Doors

In a very limited space, having too many open-out doors can do more harm than good. Where possible, opt for sliding doors that both take up less space and make your apartment feel more spacious. Bonus points for no longer hitting your room mate when you move from room to room each day!

Tip 2: Use Your Vertical Space

If your apartment cannot be expanded horizontally, you may want to think about more efficiently using your vertical space.

For instance, storage can be maximised under your staircase by installing a cabinet – especially if you ask a handyman to customise one that fits your space perfectly so it blends in discreetly. Or, if you have benches that currently only have a few books or ornaments on them, why buy some multi-level organisers for those benches – so you can fit more in that space by just going up!

Tip 3: Erect Shelves That Double As Wall Art

Bulky cabinets do not make sense in an inner-city apartment. A more practical solution is to install shelves that can store items on the walls – without cabinets intruding into your precious living spaces. You can opt for simple designs, which can be just putting wooden planks on pipes. Or you can think more creatively and store your belongings in a way that doubles as wall art!

Tip 4: Multi-Purpose Your Furniture

Whoever said that a bed cannot be turned into a couch? Or an ironing board cannot fold out from a cupboard door? Or side tables cannot be converted into sitting stools? Or dining tables cannot store wine in racks in their centre?

There are many ways you can multi-purpose your furniture. The more you look online, the more space-saving ideas you’ll find to maximise space in your inner-city apartment – and make life in the city even more enjoyable.

Tip 5: Chairs That Fit Disappear

One of the best ways to save space is to buy chairs that fit so neatly underneath your tables that they are not taking up any space outside of the table at all. Some chairs are designed to do this so neatly that you cannot even tell they are chairs until you pull them out. Some chairs are even designed to slide into cracks in bookshelves (true!) and you just pull them out when you need them.

Wrap up…

There are so many clever options now to help you maximise space in your inner-city apartment. Browse online. Visit some innovative local stores. Learn from what is being discussed on DIY home improvement forums.

With a little imagination, the options are almost endless!

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