6 DIY Handyman Ideas For Your Child’s Playroom

6 DIY Handyman Ideas For Your Child’s Playroom

If your child loves to play and you have a room in your house that you could dedicate to be their playroom, you have the chance to create something magical.

Because playrooms are not just an opportunity for parents to store all of their child’s toys, crayons and loose bits of everything. Playrooms are an opportunity to create an inspiring space for your children to escape, create, engage, stimulate, feel safe in – and have fun in!

Here are 6 DIY handyman ideas for your child’s playroom:

Idea 1: Create Happy Walls

The walls of your playroom are important because they will set the tone as soon as anyone enters. If you make the tone a warm and happy one, you can help your child feel like anything is possible in their playroom.

Perhaps surprise your child by painting bright colours on the walls, or wallpapering themed wallpaper from their favourite cartoon show, or painting a mural of their favourite superheroes?

Idea 2: Dress Your Windows

Window curtains are another way to set the room’s tone – whether or not you are also adding magic to the walls. Barbie or Disney-printed curtains are usually always a winner.

Or your could DIY some multi-coloured curtains from whatever bits of fabric you have around the house or can pick up cheaply at your local haberdashery store.

Idea 3: Mix It Up With The Chairs

To make your child’s playroom even more interesting, you may like to build or buy different child (and adult) friendly chairs.

You can go with beanbags, stools, benches, rockers, sectional sofas or more. You can either pick a single colour for a more cohesive look or choose multi-coloured chairs for a fun mix-and-match interior. Look online and you’ll find the options are almost endless!

Idea 4: Snuggle Corner

If you have enough space to create a snuggle corner in your child’s playroom that they could use as a reading (or sleeping) corner, this could be a great way to show your child that reading is fun – and maybe even encourage your child to develop a long-lasting love for reading!

If you need help to construct a small bookcase (or assemble one you bought at IKEA), don’t hesitate to book your local handyman – who is usually only too happy to help!

Idea 5: Swing Away

When your child is very small and only needs a small swing and surrounding area, why not install a small swing in their playroom? A small rope swing can make indoor play a lot more entertaining when the weather outside isn’t conducive for playing.

There are different types of swing that you can use – spare car tire, swing chair, porch swing, or even a hammock. Make sure the swing is properly installed to avoid any terrible accidents. Don’t be afraid to ask your local handyman for help if you need it.

Idea 6: Make A Wall Magnetic

Adding a magnetic wall in your child’s playroom can be both fun and educational. You can make the wall a DIY project. All you need is a piece of sheet metal, cardboard, hammer and nails.

Hardware stores usually sell standard-sized sheet metals. If the size doesn’t work for you, you can always request a customised cut for a customised price. Once the magnetic wall is installed, your child should love playing with their magnetic letters, numbers and pictures.

Need more ideas?

There are so many more brilliant ideas online to help you create a child’s playroom that is both inspiring and memorable.

Most are suited to the DIY handyman like yourself, but if you find something amazing that you need more help with, just book your local handyman – they’ll be only too happy to help!

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