6 Home Handyman Ideas To Add Life To Your Child’s Bedroom

6 Home Handyman Ideas To Add Life To Your Child’s Bedroom

If you’re looking for new ideas to add life to your child’s bedroom, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled seven home handyman ideas for you to add some new life to your child’s bedroom without breaking the bank.

Idea 1: Choose A New Theme

One of the best ways to incorporate a theme in your child’s bedroom is to revamp their bedroom walls – either with wall paint, wallpaper or pre-made wall murals. From Alice in Wonderland to Harry Potter, Peppa Pig to Minecraft, you can either project an image onto your wall and then paint it yourself, buy themed wall paper to make things simple, or find the ideal wall mural online and just stick it onto a clean, flat wall surface. Theming your child’s bedroom has never been easier!

Idea 2: Install a Tepee

If your child’s room can fit a mini-indoor tepee, this would have to be one of the parents around. Children are usually fascinated with tents, canopies and tepees. Take advantage of this fascination and make a DIY version of a tepee using bamboos and thread or rope. If you need help, you can either look at the numerous tutorials online which give instructions on how to create your own tepee, or if you get stuck, try looking on Ebay for a second-hand, pre-made tepee.

Idea 3: Use Christmas Lights

Make every day Christmas by hanging Christmas lights in your child’s room. Use them every evening (but switch them off at lights out time) or perhaps use them as a reward for good behaviour. Christmas lights can add magic to any room – even an adult’s!

Idea 4: Add A Climbing Wall

Well, you already have the wall, so you just need to buy some of those climbing accessories that you can attach to the wall that mimic a real climbing wall. It serves both as artwork and a really fun activity that will encourage your child to go to their room!

Idea 5: Create Hideouts

Got some unused boxes, barrels or large frames that you could attach in your child’s room and give them some pint-sized hideouts for when they’re playing ‘hide and seek’ or when they just want to escape for a few minutes? Remember, what might seem simple and even boring to you, could be the best invention ever in your child’s imagination.

Idea 6: Put Up An Art Wall

Your child spends hours making their art, so why not put up a wall dedicated to this display of their amazing talent? It can help them remember what they did in school each day and it can encourages them to keep trying hard and bringing home more art! You can either use a large magnetic or cork board, or hang some funky picture frames that you can easily access to change their artwork regularly. If you’re not sure of how best to hang your frames, gather up a handful and then ask your local handyman to help, so you don’t end up drilling unnecessary holes.

Need More Ideas?

From pirate ships to tree houses, underwater aquariums to space mission control centres, there are so many ideas online that you’ll never be short on inspiration. Set yourself a deadline and budget and you might be amazed what you come up with just by surfing the Internet and looking around your home for unused treasures you could incorporate into your child’s new bedroom design.

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