6 Quirky and Fun Ways To Recycle Furniture

6 Quirky and Fun Ways To Recycle Furniture

There are a myriad of ways to recycle furniture or turn unwanted junk into upscale treasures. Without too much effort, you can be your own handyman and use your resourcefulness to create new and different stylish, functional and innovative furniture pieces that might otherwise have been considered trash.

Here are six quirky and fun recycling ideas to add more personality to your home:

Old Chair Swing

Ever have a favourite chair whose legs are broken but you just can’t bear to throw out? If yes, why not use the seat of an old chair as a backyard swing chair?

Take off the legs completely. Drill some holes in the seat and attach some ropes. Then attach it to either an old swing set or an extended branch on a tree. In just one short handyman session you’ll have yourself a funky and purposeful new swing!

Wooden Ladder Bookshelf

Turn an old, ratty wooden ladder into a bookshelf by splashing it with your favourite paint colour, then mounting the ladder horizontally on your wall. Be sure to leave a little space in between the wall and the ladder to be able to anchor your books properly – and then fill it with books!

Old Window Screen Hamper

If you need a little more organisation in your garage, why not take four old window screens and connect them all to create a see-through storage box to store all those things that keep getting lost in your garage?

Magazine Foot Stool

Do you have a lot of old magazines that are just stored away at the moment? Why not turn these old magazines into something useful by converting them into a trendy foot stool?

Just take a plank of wood (preferably the same size or slightly bigger than the magazines) and pile up some magazines on it. Take a pillow, also preferably the same size as the magazines, then put it on top of the pile. Take some old belts and strap all the materials together to finish your one-of-a-kind stool.

Card Catalogue Table

If you’re in a second-hand store and you come across an old library card catalogue looking sad and lonely, why not pick it up and refurbish it as a bedside table? Just change its legs and add some elements such as a glass or a mirrored top to boost the glam factor.

Coffee Table Fruit Crate

Another cool table idea is to recycle an old fruit crate as a coffee table. The top of the crate can serve as the tabletop itself, while the inside of the crate can serve as a storage space.

More Ideas?

These are just six quick home handyman ideas to recycle your furniture and add another new and interesting element to your home. For more ideas, just spend an afternoon searching online. There are thousands of ideas there to inspire you even further!

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