8 Home Improvement Tips So Your Home Feels More Spacious

8 Home Improvement Tips So Your Home Feels More Spacious

Urban life can be fast-paced and demanding. Every little bit of space must be utilised. The good news is that conserving space while maintaining functionality is possible. Here are eight home improvement tips to maximise your space, whether you are hiring a handyman or doing it yourself…

Tip 1: Create A Loft

This incredibly simple idea means that on any space you can, quite literally, put a board over it and, just like that, you have a loft. Of course, you can spruce it up a bit to match the theme you are after. This tip is best coupled with high ceilings so that instead of horizontal space, you can use your home’s vertical space as sleeping quarters or storage.

Tip 2: Build Retractable Storage Under The Stairs

Sure, you can leave your staircase as is and just dump stuff underneath, but that makes for an ugly and inefficient use of space. Instead, try constructing a customised cabinet that fits your space perfectly to maximise every last inch you have. In the front, you could store your smaller, more frequently used items, like office supplies. In the back, you could conceal larger items that you maybe don’t use much if at all, such as cords, unwanted gadgets and appliance boxes.

Tip 3: Create An Illusion of Space

A small space does not have to feel like a small space. By using glass dividers and sliding doors, rooms can breathe and light can get in. Visually, this allows you to actually see your space. This tip also allows you to move your things around easier.

Tip 4: Add A Mirror

Mirrors multiply a room’s visual appeal – and also make a room feel more spacious. Hang an old mirror you have in storage, or perhaps invest in a more modern one with personality, to bring flavour and life to your room.

Tip 5: Replace Walls With Dividers and Curtains

Walls can be very restrictive in a small space. Why not see if your local handyman can help you replace some of your walls with dividers and curtains that give you some privacy but don’t make you feel trapped in small areas.

Tip 6: Ditch Some Doors

The simple act of opening a door requires space. If you live in a small apartment that is in dire need of space, then you might want to ditch some of your doors to increase your space – and so you can move from room to room easily!

Tip 7: Get Some Low Furniture

Again, the use of vertical space gives your eyes and mind a break. Low furniture helps create more space and ensure you will not be bumping your head on anything hanging low, like fancy light features. So consider either buying some low furniture, or trimming the legs of the furniture you already have!

Tip 8: Install A SkyLight

A skylight in your study or living area can make you feel your room is bigger than it is and can provide a natural light for you to read a book – as well as help you save on your power bills.

Space Savers…

These storage and home improvement tips are just a sample of the myriad of ways you can save space and make your home more enjoyable to live in, just by setting yourself some small DIY projects or by calling on the help of your friendly, local handyman.

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