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Beware stray disc golf in John Bray Park

Bet you don’t know about disc golf (also known as frolf). No? Well it’s happening right in your neighbourhood!

Disc golf is played much like traditional golf but instead of using clubs and balls, you use a Frisbee-like disc! It was actually developed in the 1970s and the object of the game is to complete each hole – or ‘basket’ in the case of disc golf – in as few strokes (throws) as possible.

So, if you’ve ever walked through John Bray Park and wondered what the odd looking contraptions are (pictured below), mystery solved! They are disc golf baskets.

Plenty of green lawn to mow at John Bray Park © GreenSocks

Plenty of green lawn to mow at John Bray Park © GreenSocks


Imagine the focus and dexterity needed to get the flying disc into one of those babies. It really is harder than it looks. But then again, everybody flukes a genius disc throw once in a while.

The wonderful thing about disc golf is that the grass doesn’t have to be kept perfectly manicured like it does in regular golf. Even so, the Council makes sure there is never an overgrown lawn because that just wouldn’t be pleasant.

You don’t have to be a member of any kind of club to play disc golf at John Bray Park. Just go along and take your own disc (or Frisbee) and get going! It’s tons of fun when you get started and you’ll find yourself becoming very competitive. Not to mention the mindless exercise you’ll get, chasing the silly disc around the park.

Aside from the disc, you don’t need any special equipment, clothing or even a caddy (though the idea is pretty cool). Take an esky full of delicious treats and keep well hydrated with some cold water. A picnic blanket can be laid down anywhere you like on the green lawn. But beware … a stray flying disc could come at you from out of nowhere, so remember to keep your eyes open.

John Bray Park, North Brisbane, Queensland © GreenSocks

John Bray Park, North Brisbane, Queensland © GreenSocks


Where is Bray Park?

Bray Park is a north of Brisbane suburb that’s located 23km from CBD and is actually part of the Moreton Bay Region. Its closest suburbs are Joyner, Petrie, Lawnton, Strathpine, Bald Hills, Brendale, Warner, Cashmere and Bracken Ridge.

Greensocks will happily arrange Bray Park lawn mowing services for you, or lawn care services in any other Brisbane or Moreton Bay suburb.

Quick Wikipedia fact: Bray Park’s population surpassed 10,000 in the 2011 census.


Bray Park lawn mowing services on a Google map

Bray Park lawn mowing services on a Google map


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