Get your lawn mowed in New Farm, Brisbane

All I see is grass. Grass everywhere.

I recently strolled through Brisbane Riverwalk and some grassed areas caught my eye. Usually I would just walk right on by, but now that I’m in the lawn mowing business, I can’t help but notice a well groomed patch of grass.


Yo Brisbane, there’s a jungle on your lawn.

In contrast, there were also some lawns that hadn’t been touched in years. See the gallery below and decide which lawns are professionally maintained with council budget and which ones didn’t make the cut. Get it? Cut? Grass? Budget cut? Okay, I’ll stop with that joke now.


A voice in my head says to do something about it.

Instead of complaining about it, I’m thinking that I should just get out there and mow the New Farm jungles. Yes…. I should do some random acts of kindness when I have a day off and mow all the unkempt lawns in New Farm. What do you think?


Get your lawn mowed in New Farm

If you need your lawn mowed in New Farm, please book now before it becomes overgrown like some of the council jungles below. We have awesome lawn mowing pros who service mowing jobs in New Farm who would love to help you. And yes, we can help with urgent jobs and end-of-lease jobs where the grass has gone completely out of control. Try us?


Get your lawn mowed in New Farm


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