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Home Improvement Superstars You Need To Know

With dozens of home improvement shows covering almost every aspect of home renovation and repair – from bathroom decor and backyard garden design to budget fix-ups and dream home makeovers, what makes the difference between a how-to video with too many...

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7 Undercover Handyman Tools That Would Make 007 Proud

There are many reasons other than sabotage that can leave you wanting to keep a few undercover handyman tools on hand. Sometimes you just hate to be caught unprepared. Other times you don’t want to look like too much of a tool nerd by wheeling a hard shell case...

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5 Handyman Tools and Tricks Shakespeare Would Have Loved

In the last days of the 16th century, Gutenberg’s printing press had changed the world, Shakespeare was writing Much Ado About Nothing and the scientific revolution was in full swing. For all the advances in technology, life for Shakespeare and his company of players...

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6 Home Improvement Projects You Can Build With LEGO

When we think LEGO, we think happy kids. The LEGO generation, fuelled by new research into ‘play as learning’ and encouraged to ‘learn by doing’, were allowed to let their imaginations run wild. And thanks to the proliferation of snap-happy parents sharing pictures of...

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5 Useful Handyman Tools Hiding In Your Father’s Shed

In sheds and garages, attics and cellars, they lie almost forgotten, a trove of hidden handyman treasures just waiting to be uncovered. These are the graveyards of everything from camper stoves and hammocks to Xmas ornaments and Grandpa Edgar’s old copper still. Among...

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Epic Match: Boxer Manny Pacquiao Vs Painter’s Tape

How will Manny Pacquiao fare against Floyd Mayweather Jr in their superfight on May 2? Only time will tell. But just for fun in the meantime, we thought we’d see how boxing hero Manny Pacquiao fares against another epic match – the handyman essential...

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9 DIY Handyman Projects To Make The World More Awesome

Eleven-year-old Robby Novak (or Kid President as he is better known to his 34 million YouTube viewers) says “be more awesome”. His 3-point platform is: (1) Kids can change the world; (2) Adults can change the world; and (3) It would go a lot faster if we all worked...

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10 Surprisingly Helpful Tips for Bathroom Renovations

So, it’s finally time to renovate that old-looking bathroom. A part of you is excited at the fact that you will be able to have warm and relaxing stress free showers and bathroom breaks without having to look at cobwebs, dusty corners and old chipping paint. But...

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7 Reasons Handymen Give Better Valentine’s Day Proposals

Romance is a mysterious thing. What seems like a grand romantic gesture to one person might seem like an embarrassing public display of desperation to another. Take wedding proposals. There are countless examples of cute, sweet and romantic proposals floating around...

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Paint Colours That Transform Dark Rooms

Low-lit dark rooms can raise a multitude of paint colour challenges. As the day progresses, these rooms change from dim to dark, as the lack of light can make a room appear smaller in dimension. Despite the fact that our natural instincts instruct us to use a light...

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6 Affordable DIY Cat Furniture Projects

Does your cat try to takeover your world? Does she sleep on your best leather furniture, dart too close to the precious ceramic vases you hand-carried back from Turkey, or not leave enough space in your bed for you to stretch out and get comfortable? Well, if any of...

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4 DIY Fixes That Will Make You A Handyman Hero

Whether you’re pressed for time or just want a little warm-up before tackling the “big project”, here are four twenty-minute fixes that will make you a handyman hero. Loose Screws Loose screws are a common problem on door lock strike plates, kitchen cupboard hardware...

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Tips For Borrowing Handyman Tools From Your Neighbours

There are times when borrowing things, particularly if you happen to have skipped the formality of asking permission, could get you arrested. Take the example of superstar diva Cher. At the tender age of 13 she was arrested by Los Angeles police for “borrowing” her...

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Do You Know What Your Paint Colour Says About You?

You’ve got everything you need: DIY handyman paint brushes in every width and size, plastic to cover the floors, tape to cover the baseboards and you’re sporting you’re lucky painting shirt – the one that already has six different paint projects splashed across...

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5 Sanding Shortcuts To Make You Look Like a Pro Handyman

From painting baseboards to refinishing furniture, getting to know some of the secrets of good sanding can make the difference between a finished project only your mother will love or a reputation as a GQ handyman. That’s GQ for “good quality”. 1. By the Numbers True...

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8 Quick Home Improvement Fixes You Can Try This Weekend

Sometimes caring for a home can feel like running a marathon. The finish line seems so far away because you’re always climbing another home repair hill and racing to repair multiple things just before you host a big family get-together. However, if you pace yourself...

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How To Prep Your DIY Paint Jobs Like a Pro

To most people, owning a home is a dream come true. But being a homeowner means more than just an intimate evening in front of the fireplace or a relaxing weekend on the deck. You mightn’t know it at first, but it’s an ongoing physical, emotional and financial...

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4 DIY Kitchen Ideas That’ll Make You Want To Cook Tonight

If there’s one problem with the modern kitchen, it’s that it stores so many things in so many small spaces. From the fake-gold-encrusted serving dish that Aunty Joyce gave you for your wedding, to the bucket-loads of Tupperware that you’ve accumulated from dozens of...

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5 Ideas For An Awesome Man Cave

Every man dreams of having their own man cave – a space of their very own where they can eat and drink what they want, watch sports, play games, scream at the TV and just be themselves without risking the ire of a significant other for being too loud or messy. To help...

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6 Quirky and Fun Ways To Recycle Furniture

There are a myriad of ways to recycle furniture or turn unwanted junk into upscale treasures. Without too much effort, you can be your own handyman and use your resourcefulness to create new and different stylish, functional and innovative furniture pieces that might...

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5 Clever Home Handyman Ideas To Tidy Up Your Garage

Garages are great for storing things. Except when you throw so much in there that you dread ever having to look for anything! If your garage is too cluttered and you’ve decided it’s time to tidy up your garage, first, give your garage a good Spring clean, then, try...

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4 Budget Ideas For Your Home Office Makeover

If you work from home, you probably fall into one of two camps: those who are bored with their office; or those who have given their home office a much-needed makeover and are more productive each day because of it. For those of you who are looking to give your home...

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6 DIY Handyman Ideas For Your Child’s Playroom

If your child loves to play and you have a room in your house that you could dedicate to be their playroom, you have the chance to create something magical. Because playrooms are not just an opportunity for parents to store all of their child’s toys, crayons and loose...

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5 Ways Your Local Handyman Can Save You Money

Have you ever wondered why your neighbour never complains about his water bills and never seems to be undertaking expensive repair work around his home? The answer might be his investment in a local handyman. Booking a handyman regularly, to help keep things in better...

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6 Home Handyman Ideas To Add Life To Your Child’s Bedroom

If you’re looking for new ideas to add life to your child’s bedroom, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled seven home handyman ideas for you to add some new life to your child’s bedroom without breaking the bank. Idea 1: Choose A New Theme One of the best ways to incorporate...

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Secret Homeowner Business: How To Unclog A Toilet

No homeowner likes it, but sooner or later, almost every homeowner is faced with needing to fix a toilet that is backed up. Your friends and family won’t talk about it because it’s considered secret homeowner business. In short, to unclog your toilet, you...

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5 Tips To Maximise Space In Your Inner-City Apartment

Urban living presents its share of advantages and disadvantages. Sure, everything is accessible and walking distance from you but the lack of living space in an inner-city apartment can be very frustrating. Without discipline, it doesn’t take long for a little bit of...

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8 Foods That Can Clean Your House

Did you know that some of the food items in your kitchen could also double as cleaning agents? It’s true! Rummage through your kitchen pantry and if you find any of these eight items, you can test for yourself these clever foods that can clean your house! Vinegar...

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How To Create Dividers To Get More Privacy From Your Mates

If you’ve ever wondered how you could get more privacy (and hide some of your clutter) from your house mates, room dividers might be your answer. The good news is that even if you’re sharing a small inner-city apartment and don’t think you have many options, you do,...

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8 Home Improvement Tips So Your Home Feels More Spacious

Urban life can be fast-paced and demanding. Every little bit of space must be utilised. The good news is that conserving space while maintaining functionality is possible. Here are eight home improvement tips to maximise your space, whether you are hiring a handyman...

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5 Easy DIY Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value

Whether you are considering selling your home at some point in the future or you simply want to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home, there are many easy DIY projects that can boost the value of your home. Here are five easy DIY projects which can...

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The Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts of Wallpaper

If you’re thinking about using wallpaper for some of the spaces in your home, it’s wise to remember the do’s and don’t before beginning your project – in order to save money and make sure your wallpaper project is completed right the first time. For...

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3 DIY Bedroom Ideas That’ll Help You Sleep At Night

The bedroom is one place in the house where there is just an endless number of opportunities to do a revamp. The question you no longer want to lose sleep over at night though is… which bedroom makeover project do I do first? To kickstart your handyman thinking, here...

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6 Tips To Pet Proof Your Home

Pets are adorable, but who has time to supervise their pets 24/7? No one. That’s why it’s important to pet-proof your home to keep your animals safe and keep your home from looking like a disaster zone. Revamping your house with your pet in mind does not have to be...

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How To Add Life To Dull Rooms

Wish your home had a little more colour, but you’re not quite ready to paint all your walls pink or bright turquoise? One of the simplest and most effective ways to add colour to your home is not to go crazy with a paintbrush, but to add some colour accents and...

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5 Home Improvements To Increase Your Rental Returns

Renovating an investment property is different to decking out the house of your dreams. You are not focussed on luxury additions, but on ensuring solid rental returns while providing durable additions that will require little maintenance. Here are five home...

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Ideas and Tips To Create Your Own Wall Art

While a clean white wall tickles the heart of minimalists, adding colour and style through wall art adds a smile to everyone else in your home. The great thing is these days you can display vibrant, eye-catching wall art without breaking your wallet. You can do it...

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4 Simple Renovation Ideas For The Weekend

Looking for some quick home renovation ideas that you could knock over in one weekend? Here are four that shouldn’t leave you broke or divorced: 1. Add a Splash of Colour It does not take much for your home to descend into a routine resting place that feels dull and...

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