Do I Need a Website for My Mowing Business?

If you are serious about your mowing business, a website is no longer just a good idea; it is a must-have. So the real question is not, “Do I need a website for my mowing business?” – it’s “Am I serious about my mowing business?”

It helps customers find you.

When customers need lawn mowing, they don’t wait for a lawnmowing guy to deliver his flyers to their mailbox. Customers like instant solutions, so if they need lawn mowing, they jump online and see what Google brings up.

So, whether customers land on your business website directly or on a directory site (where you have your website listed), you have a much better chance of attracting new customers if you have something to attract them to, yes?

It talks to customers while you sleep.

Customers book mowing jobs with GreenSocks at all hours of the day and night—11 pm, 2 am, and 4 am—and we can never predict what time the bookings come through. We would lose a lot of business if we didn’t have a website that talked to customers (with mowing prices, FAQs, and lots of information about our company) while we were sleeping. So, if you’d like to speak to new customers while you sleep, get a website to help!

It makes you more trustworthy.

Mowing customers are becoming increasingly wary of fly-by-night, dodgy contractors taking cash-in-hand jobs who aren’t who they say they are. Customers today want to know who is coming onto their property and want to check if they’re legitimate—especially if a mum with small children plans to be home when the lawn mowing is scheduled.

A decent website gives you credibility and makes you more trustworthy. It allows customers to check who you are before you arrive and gives them a sense of comfort that you are who you say you are. Granted, websites can be dummied, but most dodgy mowing contractors couldn’t be bothered. So, if you want to boost your credibility with new customers instantly, you need a website for your mowing business.

It saves you time – and customers.

If you struggle to answer incoming calls while you are mowing lawns or driving to and from mowing jobs, why don’t you let a business website do some of the work for you?

Providing a website for customers to contact you (via a ‘Contact Us’ form or an email address on your site) can save you time, save your customers’ time, and help you avoid losing customers. If customers can send you a message online, they may never need to pick up the phone and/or may never hang up without leaving a message when you don’t answer.

Andrew Pototschnik (aka The Lawn Care Millionaire) says that the number one reason that lawn care companies lose customers and don’t grow is because they don’t answer their phones. So, if you can’t answer your phone, it’s a good idea to get a website for your mowing business.

It showcases your awesome work.

There’s mowing guys, and then there’s mowing guys. The first type will mow a lawn any old way. The second type will mow it with love, edge it with precision, and literally tweeze away the leaves that the blower vac didn’t budge.

If you’re one of the mowing guys who are proud of their awesome mowing work, then showcase your before/after photos on your website and let the world know what you can do! If customers love your mowing prowess, they may decide immediately that they want your magic touch and not proceed to price-shop elsewhere.

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