FAQ Lawn Mowing Providers

Hi and welcome! We’re excited that you’re interested in mowing lawns for money. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are a customer, your FAQ page is here.

“Thanks for all the jobs you give me. And thanks for paying me so fast.”

Danny D, Mowing Provider, Arana Hills, QLD

Why should I sign up with GreenSocks?

We book real jobs – We don’t waste your time on competing for going-nowhere quotes

No upfront fees – Why pay for something before you know it works?

Quality customers – Each job is secured with a customer credit card and the amount is authorised on the customer’s credit card before you start mowing

Get paid fast – Usually within 24-72 hours

$10 million insurance cover – Why pay $500-$1000 a year when you don’t have to?

We’re genuinely nice people – And we’d love to do business with you!

I'm not a lawn mowing pro. Can I sign up to mow lawns?

99% of our mowing jobs are sent to full-time lawn mowing pros. But we’ve also had a policeman and a fireman sign up (and yes, they regularly service some of the mowing jobs), a postman, handymen, cleaners, landscapers, an arborist, a geologist, horticulturists and farmers. Everyone (with an ABN and these three items of essential equipment: lawn mower; whipper snipper; and a blower or broom) is welcome. And you can stay on the platform as long as you like – if you keep getting good customer reviews!

How much does it cost upfront?

Zero. We don’t ask for any money upfront (for listings, leads, advertising or franchises). We only take our commission once the job is complete. So, to put it simply, we only make money when you make money.

Why should I give away some of my hard-earned money?

Great question. If you can juggle lawn mowing, with marketing (time and money) to get customers, with customer service (to book, invoice and keep customers), with payment collection and with insurance costs, then you are a lawn mowing superhero and you should probably keep your money do everything alone.

But if you understand that a little less money from a lot more customers sounds like the better option, then we’d love to have you sign up to our lawn mowing marketplace.

How much will I get from each job?

80% goes into your bank account (you deserve the most, of course!)

15% pays our bills (marketing, website, admin and everything we do to get customers)

5% pays for your insurance cover for that job, plus Stripe payment processing

Note: These figures are from the base job value (before GST)

Can you give me some examples of how this would work?

Sure. Each job amount will vary, but here are some simple examples:

$30 job? $24 for you, $4.50 for us, $1.50 for your insurance/payment processing

$60 job? $48 for you, $9 for us, $3 for your insurance/payment processing

$90 job? $72 for you, $13.50 for us, $4.50 for your insurance/payment processing

Note: These figures are from the base job value (before GST)

How does GST affect these examples?

Love it or hate it, the Australian Tax Office wants 10% of every job we organise. So that means that whether you’re registered for GST (so you pay the GST) or you’re not registered for GST (so we pay the GST), the tax office still wants their 10%.

Here’s a quick summary:

Customer pays $110
So, base job value = $100
And GST = $10

Here’s what you’ll receive:

You’ll receive 80% of the base job value (80% of $100) = $80
Whether you receive more (to cover the GST) depends on if you are registered for GST or not

Example 1: If you are registered for GST
You’ll receive $80 (plus $8 GST that you’ll need to pay to the tax office)
GreenSocks pays the other $2 GST to the tax office
The tax office is happy because they collect their $10 GST

Example 2: If you are not registered for GST
You’ll receive $80 (but no GST because you’re not registered to pay GST to the tax office)
GreenSocks pays the full $10 GST to the tax office
The tax office is happy because they collect their $10 GST

Either way, you’ll keep 80% of the base job value (not 80% of what the customer pays). Our commissions are calculated on the base job value as well. GST is separate completely.

Do I make more money per job, depending on which city I live in?

When we started, we charged customers the same in every State. But based on valuable feedback from our mowing provider network, we’re currently charging customers different prices in different States, which means that yes, you can make more money per job in some States than others. But then again, it may also cost you more to live in those States than others, so hopefully it evens out in the end.

Do I need to quote jobs in person?

No. We know you hate wasting time driving to and from quotes that don’t result in real jobs. That’s why our customers get prices online and agree to pay extra if a job takes longer than self-estimated. We invite you to have a play with our booking system and see our prices.

What if the customer wants ongoing work?

Our relationship is ongoing. This means that the commissions apply to every job we send your way, even for regular customers.

This is because we’ll still handle the payments, invoicing, insurance and customer service for every job. We also offer customers the ability to switch providers at any time at no cost if they’re not happy. No other company offers this convenience for customers.

Why shouldn't I poach my regulars to avoid commissions?

The more jobs you do on our marketplace, the more high ranking customer ratings you can receive, and the more jobs we’ll likely send you. We’ve only had one guy poach customers and he didn’t get any more jobs from us. True story.

More jobs = More money
Can you really afford to lose the chance for more money in the future from more customer jobs, by being taken off our marketplace?

More protection
Our $10 million insurance cover only applies to jobs booked on our system. So, why risk losing our insurance just to save such a small percentage of commission per job?

When will I get paid?

We typically send your money to your bank account within 1-3 business days, once both you and the customer have confirmed the job has been done. (Hallelujah! No more chasing customers for payments.)

Would I be an employee of GreenSocks?

No. Why would you want us to order you around? You are free to accept or decline each customer job. Which means that you stay your own boss and you decide when and where you want to work, what you wear to work and how you run your mowing business. We’re just here to help you get more customers and make more money.

Do I need an ABN?

Yes, to get lawn mowing jobs, you will need to give us an ABN, because we only send work to registered Australian businesses. And yes, we do check these on the government’s ABN lookup site.

Do I need to register for GST?

The Australian Taxation Office say it is optional, unless the annual turnover of your business(es) is $75,000 or more (we’re told that income is across a two year period, but we’re not tax experts so it’s best you check the ATO website and call them for specific advice).

Can you tell me about the insurance coverage?

If your customer job is booked via our GreenSocks system, you will be covered by our GreenSocks $10 million insurance policy placed by Lloyd’s of London approved coverholder Savannah Insurance Agency Pty Ltd. Details here. If you need additional cover than this, it is your responsibility to consider purchasing additional cover.

Is there an excess that I need to pay if I make a claim on the GreenSocks insurance policy?

Yes. Just like any insurance policy, there’s an excess that you’d need to pay. For more details, click here. If we didn’t pass on the excess, the annual policy would be too expensive for us to take out, sorry.

Why the name GreenSocks?

Do you know how when you mow the lawn, the green grass clippings go all over your socks? That’s where our GreenSocks name comes from. Plus, Jim’s Mowing was taken, right?

When did GreenSocks launch?

We’ve been signing up providers and booking customer jobs since May 2015. In our first year, our providers serviced nearly 1,000 mowing jobs across 5 Australian States.

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