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Have You Thought About Painting Your Lawn?

Do you ever feel like you’ve tried everything and still you can’t keep your grass green? Or you live in a drought or frost-stricken area where nature doesn’t ever seem to get a chance to work its magic on your lawn? Well, great news! There is an alternative....

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Top 10 Sights at the Queensland Garden Expo 2015

This weekend, we visited the Queensland Garden Expo – an annual, three-day event, held at the Nambour Showgrounds in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The Expo is a wonderful event (sponsored by the Sunshine Coast Council and ten other awesome sponsors) and (when...

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Where Can I Find Bonsai For Sale in Brisbane?

If you’re wondering where to find the best selection of bonsai for sale in Brisbane, we have a surprise for you. It’s not in your local cater-for-everything garden nursery. And it’s not even in the biggest and best nurseries in Brisbane (such as Eden...

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Our Visit To Eden Gardens – Carseldine, Brisbane

If you love being out in the garden and you live on Brisbane’s northside, you may have already had the pleasure of visiting the delightful Eden Gardens in Carseldine. If not, these photos from our most recent visit are for you. Hopefully, they might help capture...

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$200,000 Gardening Fees For Aussie PM’s Second Home?

If you thought your lawn mowing and gardening fees were expensive, maybe this week’s news will make you think again. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Australian Prime Minister’s gardening fees for Kirribilli House are now up to $200,000...

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Should I Use Mulch In My Garden?

If your organic foodie friends or green thumb neighbours have ever talked about mulch in their garden, but you’ve never been sure what it is or why they’re going on about it, here’s a quick overview and an awesome infographic to help you decide if...

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Top 3 Reasons Why Gardening Is Good For You

If you’ve ever needed a few excuses as to get out into the garden, today is your lucky day. Here are the top three reasons why gardening is good for you, plus tips on how to get started, thanks to the good people at Britain’s WhatShed who dug out some...

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Can Your Garden Improve The Value Of Your Home?

Yes, it’s true. One of the most cost effective ways to improve the value of your home is to breathe new life into your garden. Here’s how… Planting Trees In Your Garden Trees are a perfect addition to your garden so that your garden can improve the value of your home,...

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Will Japanese Maple Trees Grow In Brisbane?

Whether you’ve been fortunate to visit Japan, or just seen some of the gorgeous garden photos on Pinterest, you’ll know that Japanese Maple Trees are a truly spectacular tree species. With their colourful foliage juxtaposed against their dark twisted branches, not...

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3 Simple Garden Ideas To Add Interest To Your Backyard

If your backyard is looking tired and uninspiring, it might be time for some new garden ideas so you can give your garden a new lease of life. But wait… first things first… There’s no use adding new features to your garden if your backyard is a perpetual...

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8 DIY Ways To Liven Up Your Home Garden

Does your garden look weary and lifeless? Could your lawn benefit from a good lawn mow and your garden benefit from a DIY garden makeover? Well, if so, you’re in the right place. Here are eight affordable, DIY garden makeovers that can awaken the home gardener in you...

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