How To Add Life To Dull Rooms

How To Add Life To Dull Rooms

Wish your home had a little more colour, but you’re not quite ready to paint all your walls pink or bright turquoise?

One of the simplest and most effective ways to add colour to your home is not to go crazy with a paintbrush, but to add some colour accents and interesting lighting instead.

Here are some ideas to help you add life to dull rooms:

Neutral Colours

If your walls seem boring because they are only in neutral colours, don’t despair. This can actually be a good thing.

A neutral colour provides the best base for an accent colour to stand out. Neutral colours can be found in natural elements. Using wood, metal and stone for your home is a great theme that gives a classic and elegant feel. Neutral colours provide depth to a home and are a sure way to add sophistication and timeless class. With these hues, a simple splash of something bright, or an interesting piece of furniture, can really be all you need to bring everything together and make your room more enjoyable to be in.

White Walls

If you can’t changed your white walls, you might be able to add accent pieces to your home which can really boost your home’s energy and attractiveness.

A bright red ceramic piece on the table can catch the attention of your guests and make for a great conversation piece too. Bronze pans in the kitchen make great decorations – which you can actually use for cooking as well. A few colourful art pieces hung by a professional handyman can add life to your rooms. Even a collage of your child’s latest art pieces can do the trick!


Your choice of lighting can redefine a room. White-blue light, like that of fluorescent bulbs, casts a dull and pale look. Homes are supposed to be relaxing so making it look like an office is counterproductive. Try using warmer lights instead.

The use of chandeliers also makes for great talking points. Not only do you add some pizazz to your room but you also add an interesting piece for your guests to talk about.

It does not take a lot of money on a home decorator to re-do your whole home. All it takes is a bit of imagination and the desire to make some of your bare spaces awesome. Allow your creativity to flow and do not limit yourself to the usual.

Feeling Lost?

If you are daunted by the process, ask your friends or local handyman for advice. There are plenty of people out there who love helping people with home improvement.

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