How To Create Dividers To Get More Privacy From Your Mates

How To Create Dividers To Get More Privacy From Your Mates

If you’ve ever wondered how you could get more privacy (and hide some of your clutter) from your house mates, room dividers might be your answer. The good news is that even if you’re sharing a small inner-city apartment and don’t think you have many options, you do, with dividers. Here’s how…

Pre-Made Dividers

In addition to providing more privacy, dividers are an awesome alternative to walls and doors and they can free up some much needed space in your city-sized apartment. The great thing about dividers is that they are highly customisable. You can opt for a wooden finish, a modern look, a retro feel or nearly any other theme you can think of. (There’s probably a Doctor Who Tardis Divider out there too!) Practically any theme you have can be complemented by a particular divider.

Pre-made dividers can be the sliding type and are a little more permanent than other options. These require some skill in installing so it might be best to book a handyman to help you get it done right the first time.


If the cost of a store-bought divider is beyond your budget, then DIY dividers might be your solution. Many things can serve as a divider. Bookcases can also be turned into effective and multi-purpose dividers between rooms. This might need some work but the results can be fantastic. You get to see your book titles in one glance, use the empty spaces as additional shelves and get some privacy between living areas as well.


A simple curtain on a rack works fine separating different areas of your flat. This style gives a more organic feel and allows great freedom in its design. Pick a fabric, get the right measurements and after a little work with the eye hooks, you have a new divider for your home. Tapestries also work perfectly for this kind of divider. Although remember that fabrics should be light enough so that they will not sag.

Bi-Folding Closet Doors

You can also use bi-folding closet doors which can serve as a wall of sorts in your flat. Get two pairs and attach them to each other using hinges, making a zigzag pattern. These doors can be sourced online or from local buy-and-sell ads, second-hand stores and possibly even friends who no longer have a use for them.

Japanese Screens

The Japanese are experts are creating beautiful folding screens that can be used as dividers around your home or apartment. Look online for inspiration or visit your nearest home ware stores for ideas to either find the one you love, or try to make your own.

One Final Tip…

It’s probably not a good idea to secretly erect a dozen dividers while you’re house mates are out at work one day. Talk to your house mates and get their buy-in first. Tell them it’s an art project if you have to, but get them on-side before you do the work so that they’ll support you when all your hard work is done and not dismantle your dividers when you go out!

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