Ideas and Tips To Create Your Own Wall Art

Ideas and Tips To Create Your Own Wall Art

While a clean white wall tickles the heart of minimalists, adding colour and style through wall art adds a smile to everyone else in your home.

The great thing is these days you can display vibrant, eye-catching wall art without breaking your wallet. You can do it yourself, contract a handyman to bring life to your ideas, or order something pre-made or customised online.

Here are three ideas (and two tips) for how to create your own wall art:

Idea 1: Picture Frames

An oldie but goodie. You can stick to the classics or choose fun and colourful frames in various shapes and sizes. You can even mix and match the photos and the frames. For example, use a vibrant, odd-shape frame to display a black and white photo of you and your partner. Or you can use a single-coloured wood border to frame a bright and hued colourful picture of your children

Idea 2: DIY Wall Art

If you dabble in art or crafting, why not use your own art to decorate your walls? Make a doodle wall art using a canvas. Do a threaded wall art project. Display your string work or tapestry. The possibilities are endless. If you have kids, you can even use their school art pieces. Don’t be self-conscious and think that only pro artists get to do this. A personalised wall art lets others see your personality and is more much interesting than walking into yet another home with that same IKEA picture.

Idea 3: Printable Work

If your own artwork leaves a lot to be desired, jump online. There are so many awesome printable and economical wall art options and transfers to choose from. Some craft websites even offer free downloads of photos you can print and frame or photo-transfer into a canvas.

Now that your mind is thinking about how to create wall art, here are two tips on how to design your wall without damaging it:

Tip 1: Plan Ahead

Don’t get so excited with your art that you just hammer nails on your wall without planning ahead. You’ll pay for this spontaneity later – especially if you have several frames to hang in the one space.
Before nailing down anything, trace your frames in a paper. Cut the traces, stick and arrange the papers on the wall. This way you’ll see if you like the particular set-up without ruining your wall with unnecessary holes. Once you’ve measured everything, then you can safely hammer away.

Tip 2: Use the Right Tools

Depending on your wall art, your tools may vary from a single nail and measuring tape to a plastic wall anchor. You can buy frame hanging kits online or at your local hardware store. Or you can call your local handyman – who probably hangs hundreds of pictures for clients each year and would be an expert at knowing how to achieve a successful wall art outcome without damaging your walls.

Be Inspired…

Making your own wall art is a great way to showcase your creativity. It’s also an affordable and innovative way of revamping your walls. Try it today!

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  1. Richard Eastes

    This works for me. Simple is always more aesthetic than complex IMO.


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