This ridiculous haircut grew social reach from 50 to 5000

This ridiculous haircut grew social reach from 50 to 5000

The boring corporate haircut had to go. I wanted something new. Something so ridiculous that it could also promote GreenSocks, my lawn mowing business at the same time. As I strutted into Crown and Co in Brisbane, I was thinking “Is this really going to work?” If you can’t watch the video of it on Facebook, imagine short back and sides with a reverse mohawk (shaved strip down the middle) and then painted green. I call it a lawn mow hawk.

The 60 Second Law Mow Hawk Haircut

That’s the fun part over. Jobs done. If you’re not interested in how I used this hair cut to promote GreenSocks, you can stop reading now.


3000+ pamphlets delivered for free

This is the post to Facebook that started it all. I honestly didn’t think anyone would take me up on the offer. It was simple call out to ask for help delivering pamphlets with a fun reward.
This post alone scored 40 comments, 41 likes and 13 shares.

Facebook post that started the lawn mow hawk haircut

I was hoping for 10. Didn’t expect 4850 pamphlets to be delivered.



The spike in Facebook engagement was higher than the spiky bits of my lawn mow hawk.

Huge spike in Facebook engagement



Haircut: $35
Green hair paint: $5
Delivering bundles of pamphlets to friends: 2 hours.


Facebook Reach: 5000+ (up from a typical ~50)
Pamphlets Delivered: 4000. Saving of $450 (thanks friends!)
Total Shares: 23 shares, including the barber shop.
Publicity: Our $100+ spent on “Boost posts” haven’t earned the same metrics combined.
Company culture.

Ridiculous Ideas to promote your Business

Lawn mowing is a very boring industry, so there’s no excuse for you not to come up with a ridiculous idea to promote your business too. I’ve come up with some suggestions.

Massage Salon – Host a massage competition. Invite locals and the press to judge. Invite competitors to compete as well.

Cleaning Company – Create a fun / fake TV show “AUSTRALIA’S NEXT CLEANER”.

Lock smith – Find someone to handcuff themselves wearing fluffy boxershorts inside a train during peak hour. Commuters will video tape you freeing them. The hero. Wearing branded clothing.

Removalist – Cardboard box with a cute toy plush animal inside. Well padded. Leave outside potential corporate clients. Key employee will open and see your message “we’ll look after your stuff the same way”.

Game developer – Host a game tournament. Any game! Even if it isn’t your own game. Use the opportunity to also promote your game. Even a car rental company can do it

Do you have ridiculous ideas to promote businesses? Comment below.

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