Lawn Mower Fails

Lawn Mower Fails

Lawn mowers are powerful machines that are not to be used by the underaged or feint hearted. Yet sadly, every day, my Google Alert feed is full of lawn mower accidents fails from careless innocent civilians who have injured themselves with a lawn mower. Many of whom should never have been entrusted with a lawn mower in the first place.

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#1 Lawn Mower Fail

As soon as we saw a cord on this lawn mower, we knew it would be trouble. But maybe we take for granted these days that many of our gadgets used to come with cords, back in the day?

For example, flash back to life pre-mobile-phones. We were all restricted to talking on a phone that was restricted by a cord. Sounds primitive, doesn’t it?!

I’m guessing the guy in this video doesn’t use a lawn mower with a cord anymore. Probably doesn’t talk on a phone with a cord anymore either!



#2 Lawn Mower Fails (Compilation)

There are so many lawn mower fails in this video that it’s hard to pinpoint the worst. Someone should send every one of these poor souls a DVD on lawn mower safety!


#3 Wreckfest Lawn Mower Crashes and Fails

This Wreckfest Lawn Mower Racing Crashes and Fails video was put together by Insanegaz – who has an impressive 656,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, and asserts that no real cars or people were harmed in the making of his computerised video.

Insanegaz makes videos of things being crash tested in games like Grand Theft Auto, BeamNG Drive, Next Car Game. His lawnmower crash video is quite well done, don’t you think?




Message of the day?

Be safe with your lawn mower

Or book a lawn mowing pro


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