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Why You Need Ear Protection When Mowing Lawns

Whether you run a lawn mowing business or only mow your own lawn, it’s important to remember that a lawn mower is a powerful machine, capable of causing physical harm to yourself and/or others. So, don’t try to be a superhero when it comes to health and...

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5 Lawn Mower Good News Stories

If you don’t think you and your trusty lawn mower have the power to make a difference in your community, think again. Whilst a lawn mower and an able body might seem like standard pieces of equipment to a lawn mowing pro, they can represent insurmountable...

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Lets Play Lawn Mowing Video Games

When it’s raining outside and I can’t mow my real lawn, what do I do? I play lawn mowing video games of course! Here’s been some of my favourites over the year. Hover Bovver (1983 for Commodore 64) Sure, the graphics are from the 80’s, but they...

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This Robot wants to Mow your Lawn

Honey can you put the lawn mower on? Wait what? “put the lawn mower on?” Sounds a bit silly.  How about “Honey can you put the dishwasher on?” Sounds more familiar, however 20 years ago, that phrase would have sounded odd too. I recently spent...

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10 Best Lawn Mower Cakes on Pinterest

Got a mowing pro husband or a mowing-mad child who’d love a lawn mower birthday cake? Well, great news, of all the lawn mower Google search results you could have clicked on, you’ve landed in the right place! We’ve trawled all the best lawn mower...

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5 Fun Lawn Mower Wedding Gifts

George Clooney received (way too much) press coverage last week when his wife of just over one year, Amal Alamuddin, gifted him a ride on lawn mower for his 55th birthday. The news article was timely for us here at GreenSocks, where weddings, gifts and of course, lawn...

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5 Crazy Lawn Mower Stunts

If you thought your lawn mower was just for mowing the lawn, today’s collection of five crazy lawn mower stunts will blast that notion out of the water. If the Internet has taught us anything over the years, it’s that there are no limits as to how to...

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How Do I Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades?

Sharp lawn mower blades are the secret ingredient of good lawn mowing. This is because instead of ripping and weakening the grass, they cut grass blades cleanly and quickly. This means that your mowing time is reduced and your end result is more neat and consistent....

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Lawn Striping: How Do I Mow Stripes in The Lawn?

If you have ever wondered how to mow stripes in the lawn, this lawn striping how-to feature is for you. Whether you are a weekend mower or a lawn mowing professional, the good news is that lawn striping is surprisingly easier than you think – and the creative...

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Can You 3D Print a Lawn Mower?

If it’s possible to 3D print limbs, shoes, underwear, guitars, fetus and bikinis, can you 3D print a lawn mower that is genuinely capable of mowing the lawn? Yes, you can, if you’re either a 3D printing whiz like Hans Fouche, or a DIY’er who...

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Lawn Mower Fails

Lawn mowers are powerful machines that are not to be used by the underaged or feint hearted. Yet sadly, every day, my Google Alert feed is full of lawn mower accidents fails from careless innocent civilians who have injured themselves with a lawn mower. Many of whom...

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Miss the Mower Mouth Contest?

There is so much news to digest each day that it’s not hard to miss things. But sometimes, there are some cool and quirky news stories worth resurrecting. One such story is the Mower Mouth Contest that we discovered this week, run by American lawn mower brand...

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6 Best Ways to Maintain Your Lawn Mower

If you don’t get someone else to mow your lawn for you, make sure you know how to look after your lawn mower, so your lawn mower to look after you (and your lawn). Now, if you’re the type who buys a lawn mower and ‘sets and forgets’, here are...

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Watch a Lawnmower Destroy Gadgets in Slow-Mo

We all know that the family lawnmower is a pretty powerful machine. That’s why people keep their own limbs away from its blades and many people prefer to book a lawn mowing professional instead. But if you have ever wondered exactly what would happen if your...

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Lawn Mowers and Alpacas at the Farm Fantastic Expo

Yesterday we visited the annual Farm Fantastic Expo at Caboolture – a town famous for Keith Urban and country music – located about half way between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. It was a beautiful, 28 degree, winter’s day with a huge variety of...

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10 Important Lawnmower Safety Tips You Need To Know

If you’re a lawnmowing professional, you would know better than anyone that a lawnmower is not a toy. A lawnmower is a powerful piece of equipment that needs to be treated with care and respect, in order to prevent (as much as possible) any injury to yourself...

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Meet Peter Townsend: Mobile Lawn Mower Repair Expert

Ever wondered how often you should get your mower serviced? Or what’s the best mower to buy? Or who to call when you need a mobile lawn mower repair expert? Well, if you have, Peter Townsend is your man. With 18 years under his belt as a professional lawn mowing...

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How Do I Tune Up A Lawn Mower Engine?

If your lawn mower isn’t running quite as well as it did when you bought it, you might not need to rush to the repair shop just yet. Your lawn mower engine might just be in need of a DIY tune up. If you’ve never done a lawn mower tune up before,...

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5 Super Cool Lawn Mowers

Let’s face it. Lawn mowers can look pretty boring. That is, unless you have one of these five super cool lawn mowers that will surely entice you out into the yard to get your lawn mowed… The F1 Lawn Mower If you have ever dreamed of becoming an F1 Champion...

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7 Tips When Your Dog Hates Your Lawn Mower

It’s a lazy weekend and your wife kicks you off the couch to mow the lawn. You switch off the cricket and switch on the lawn mower. Trouble is, every time you do this, your dog Rover barks uncontrollably and starts to attack your lawn mowing machine. What do you do?...

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Lawn Mowers

This page is for everything to do with lawn mowers. From the push mower to the ride on mower, the petrol lawn mower to the electric lawn mower, the lego mower to kids’ lawn mowers, we’ll cover it.

From lawn mower reviews to lawn mower repair shops, cheap lawn mowers and lawn mowers on sale to an expensive top of the line mower that can go faster than a Maserati (true!), this is where you need to be.

We’re not biased. To help you find the best lawn mower, we’ll cover all the brands: Victa; John Deere; Craftsman; Toro; Honda; Ryobi; Husqvarna; Masport; Ozito; Rover; Wesco; Ego; Black & Decker; TPE; Bob-Cat; Flymo; 99; Worx; Bosch; Hustler; Razorback; and more. And to keep it spicy, we’ll throw in fun and crazy things we find on the internet about lawn mowers. Enjoy!


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