Would You Live Under Your Garden?

Would You Live Under Your Garden?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live under your garden? To wake up every morning knowing that above you, grew herbs, spices, vegetables and oxygen-producing plant life?

Well, thanks to hobbit-like homes, converted shipping containers and architecturally-designed masterpieces, you don’t have to imagine any longer. You can now sleep under living, breathing garden beds on top of your family home!


Garden-covered Hobbit Homes


These are our absolute favourite. They are another creation from the very clever Green Magic Homes company who we featured on our previous blog post here.

Green Magic Homes are a prefabricated modular building system, with structural components made in FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer). The components of the homes fit together to provide lots of design possibilities for spaces, access, lighting, ventilation and room connections. Their eco-design, combined with the ability to cover them with greenery, makes them true to the green in their name.

Manufactured in Cancun, Mexico, they enable you to live under your garden, anywhere in the world, because they can be packaged in a minimum space, exported almost anywhere, and adapted to any type of topography.

You can make yours all grassy and green…


Green Magic Homes (Image credit: GreenMagicHomes.com)


…or you can cover it with your edible favourites! These dwellings are called Farming Houses and they can turn all of your available terrain into growing space. So, you’d be living in a home that produced food! How awesome is that?

And if you’re worried that the gardens won’t grow fast enough, Green Magic Homes can help you accelerate your garden’s productivity through automated hydroponic irrigation. Clever.


Green Magic Homes - Farming Houses


Garden-topped Shipping Containers


If you’re into tiny homes and converted shipping containers, Texas Architect Jim Poteet‘s garden retreat design might be for your. It was created by Jim for Stacey Hill who lives in Artist Community in Texas. But put a few blinds on the glass and you could easily live in this container home, with flower beds overhead.

Shipping Container Art Studio with Garden on Roof


Architecturally-Designed Masterpieces


If you’re not into the popular Tiny Home wave, here’s another option: an architecturally-designed masterpiece, like the one below, created by Guz Architects. A huge home to fit all your creature comforts, it features grass and gardens on the rooves – which you can access easily by stepping out of the doors on the levels above.

You’d be able to mow the bottom lawns and the green lawn on the second and third levels, but mowing the lawn on the top roof might be a bit tricky!


Image credit: guzarchitects.com


So, if you’d love to live under a green, vibrant, living, garden landscape, why not give one of these fabulous homes a try? Send us some pictures if you ever do.


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