Do You Know What Your Paint Colour Says About You?

Do You Know What Your Paint Colour Says About You?

You’ve got everything you need: DIY handyman paint brushes in every width and size, plastic to cover the floors, tape to cover the baseboards and you’re sporting you’re lucky painting shirt – the one that already has six different paint projects splashed across it.

You’re ready to paint. As you open the can and see that smooth, beautiful colour for the first time, there is a rush of excitement and nervousness. You hope this colour looks as good on your walls as it does in your mind.

The colour that you picked says a lot about you. Before you run out and buy ‘Sunshine Lemony School Bus’ for your bedroom, consider what these paint colour choices in particular rooms of the house say about you…

Bright Colours

Bright, warm colours like orange and yellow are inviting and cheerful, probably just like you. People who paint their living spaces with these dramatic colours often love having people over and want them to stay a while. This is a good colour choice for a man cave or a living room that sees a lot of friends, family and party food.

A mix of two or three dramatic, bright colours also says you’re the kind of person who makes their own rules, and you don’t fit the cookie cutter mould, so why should your living room?

Blues and Greens

Soft blues and greens, similar to those in nature are thought to be calming and soothing colours. These are great colour choices for bedrooms or living rooms that are used for conversations, homework or quiet time. Light greens suggest you are a good listener and makes for a safe place for people to confide in you.


If you are picturing a deep, rich, dark brown wall in your office or dining room, these colour choices say you are to-the-point, hardworking and value the opinions of those closest to you. It is a serious colour that demands respect, much like you.


If you’re bold enough to go black, you want your painted space to feel elegant yet mysterious, a little like yourself. When people walk into a room painted black, they might feel a complexity and formality that they aren’t used to and will be on their toes wondering what is around the corner. Choosing black says that you like to keep people guessing, can be slightly dramatic and are constantly thinking.


If you are trying to decide between Sandy Shores, Sandy Brown and Beige, chances are you are hesitant to make commitments and like to stay in your comfort zone.

Neutral colours whisper “practical, low maintenance, permanent and classic” –  words that you probably use to describe yourself. But neutral colours leave plenty of room to add colourful accents, and by doing so can create a very versatile space, so they can be a very smart, economical choice.

Choose Carefully

The colours you pick say a lot about you, so choose carefully. The last thing you’d want is for your living space to be dark and uninviting, or your bedroom to be so bright and distracting that you’ll never get any sleep.

Colours Can Be An Opportunity…

If you’re tired of taking the safe path in life and want to become bolder and more confident in all parts of your life, colours can be an opportunity to transform not only your living spaces, but your mind and outlook as well.

And if you find yourself sitting on the floor overwhelmed at any point, you can always call a local handyman to the rescue. They’ve probably painted more rooms in more colours than you and I could ever imagine. A handyman can offer expertise on paint brands, colour choices, painting techniques, paint tools and probably much more.

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