Should I Sign Up with GreenSocks to Get Jobs?

Unless you are a lawn mowing superhero who loves juggling lawn mowing, driving (to and from mowing jobs), marketing (time and money to get customers), customer service (to book, invoice, and keep customers), with payment collection (painful), GreenSocks can help.

Signing up with GreenSocks allows you to focus on what you do best (lawn mowing and driving) and will enable us to do what we do best (marketing, customer service, and payment collection).

If you sign up with GreenSocks, you’ll join the 250+ mowing providers like Danny D in Brisbane, who have already given us their vote of confidence (thanks, Danny!).

And you’d be servicing some fabulous lawn-mowing customers, such as Jamie, Mick, Jacinta, and Adam:

How much does it cost to sign up?

Zero. We don’t ask for any money upfront – for listings, leads, advertising, or franchises. We only take our commission once the job is complete. So, to put it simply, we only make money when you make money.

Why should I sign up with GreenSocks?

We book real jobs – We don’t waste your time on competing for going-nowhere quotes

No upfront fees – Why pay for something before you know it works?

Quality customers – Each job is secured with a customer credit card, and the amount is authorized on the customer’s credit card before you start mowing, so you know you will get paid

Get paid fast – Usually within one business day, but it’s safe to expect 1-3 business days

$10 million public liability insurance cover – For peace of mind on mowing jobs

We’re genuinely nice people (you can see what we look like here) – And we’d love to do business with you!

Would I be an employee of GreenSocks?

No. Why would you want us to order you around? You are free to accept or decline each customer’s mowing job. This means that you stay your own boss and decide when and where you want to work, what you wear to work, and how you run your mowing business. We’re just here to help you get more customers and make more money.

Can I sign up if I’m a Jim’s Mowing franchisee?

Of course. Whether you’re with Jim’s Mowing, VIP Mowing, Express Mowing, Fox Mowing, Grey Army, Andrew’s Affordable Mowing, James’ Home Services, Graham’s Garden Care, Top Cut Lawn Mowing, Boring Chores, Select Lawn Mowing, Mark’s Mowing, 1300 4 Gardening or another mowing franchise, all franchisees are welcome to sign up (some franchisees already have!) to try to pick up some extra money from extra mowing jobs.

I’m not a lawn-mowing pro. Can I sign up to mow lawns?

Yes. While 95% of our providers are full-time lawn mowing professionals, we’ve had a policeman sign up (and yes, he’s already taken mowing jobs and received five stars out of 5), a fireman, a postman, handypersons, cleaners, ex-council mower men, ex- Jim’s Mowing guys, landscapers, an arborist, a geologist, horticulturists, and farmers. Everyone is welcome. But beware… if you receive a bad customer rating, we won’t send any more jobs your way, so please only sign up if you know you’re awesome at mowing lawns.

To sign up with GreenSocks, you need to be running your own business (with an ABN) and have three essential pieces of equipment: a lawn mower, a whipper snipper, and a blower—plus reliable transport to get to and from a lawn mowing job.

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