Starting a Lawn Mowing Business: Legal Requirements

Starting a Lawn Mowing Business: Legal Requirements

If the idea of working outside in the sunshine, running your own business and being your boss appeals, you might be thinking of starting a lawn mowing business?

I mean, how hard can it be to get started… just buy a lawn mower, whipper snipper, leaf blower and some handy garden tools and go out and snag your customers, right?


When you start any business in Australia, you need to be aware of important legal requirements, so your lawn mowing business doesn’t fall foul of the law and attract harsh government penalties.

But don’t let these government requirements scare you off. There are plenty of government resources out there to help you. One of the most user-friendly sites being that of Business Victoria.


Business Victoria


If you live in Victoria, the state government’s Business Victoria website is for you. They’e put together a checklist for starting a business, an outline of common costs, writing a business plan, details about how to register a business name, information about licences and registrations, a guide for protecting your business name or idea, a checklist for buying a franchise – in case you’re thinking of buying a lawn mowing franchise (such as Jims Mowing, Express Lawn Mowing, VIP Home Services or one of the many other options), and much more. Business Victoria has also put together some very useful infographics like the below, I want to start a business – How do I do it?


Starting a lawn mowing business - Infographic (Image credit:

Starting a lawn mowing business – Infographic (Image credit:


Business and Industry Portal, Queensland


In you live in Queensland, your go-to-government-resource is the Business and Industry Portal. It doesn’t have any clever infographics, but it does have all the legal and business information you need if you’re starting a lawn mowing business.

Some of their topics include:

  • Are you ready to start a business?
  • Evaluating your business idea
  • Turning your idea into a business
  • Your 7-step start-up guide
  • Business rights and responsibilities
  • Tax for business
  • Codes of practice
  • Funding your business
  • Business record-keeping
  • Managing risk when starting up
  • Business legal structures
  • Market and customer research
  • Buying a franchise
  • And lots more


More government resources for starting a business


Australian Government’s business site

Small Business NSW

Business Tasmania

Small Business WA

Starting a business in South Australia

ACT Government Business

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  1. Allan Ferguson

    Do I need a mowing license and how do I get one
    I have a registered business and full insurance

    • Andrea Martins

      Hi Allan, To our knowledge, there is no need for a mowing licence. 🙂

  2. Henry

    Very helpful information, I’ve recently started out in the lawn mowing/garden maintenance niche and didn’t realise there was so much paperwork involved in getting set up correctly. Thanks for the post.

  3. David Vitali

    Hey Guys, I’m looking at starting a lawn/ garden maintenance business from home do I require an abn or no?




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