5 Reasons to Apply for RiverCityLab’s Accelerator

5 Reasons to Apply for RiverCityLab’s Accelerator

When Andrea Martins and I found out we were accepted into the RiverCityLabs Accelerator program, I knew we were in for adventure that would kick start our lawn mowing start up. Even if we didn’t know exactly how. It’s now been several months since it finished. Round 2 is in the final weeks of the application process. There’s no better time for me to share 5 personal reasons why startups should apply to it.

1. Press Access and Media Mentions

This was worth the accelerator program alone. We were Mentioned in the Microsoft blog, multiple newspapers, radio, consistent mentions on social media from RiverCityLabs and other connected organisations.

2. Legal help

BORING TOPIC ALERT, I know. Necessary in business unfortunately. We saved at least $5000 in legal consultation specific to starting a two sided market place. This came in the form of us having full access to the Telstra legal team. FULL ACCESS! Unbelievable. It also ensured our company structure was up to scratch.

3. Even out the Financial Risks

We probably could have funded GreenSocks and bootstraped ourselves, however, a startup is still quite a financial commitment. The accelerator program helped to smooth out that commitment so we could sleep easier at night. It also allowed us to spend money on things that would accelerate growth that we probably wouldn’t have otherwise spent.

4. Public speaking practice and advice

We were pitching weekly so this was going to happen naturally. However, one particular standout was when we were flown to Sydney for intense training.  We were given half a day training with a speaking expert who’s background included working with the Saturday Night Live team in the US. She gave me one of those AHH-HA moments that I’ll take away forever. Then we practised it over and over again.

5. They have a Huge Address Book

Whenever we needed a special contact in a specific industry, one of the helpful RiverCityLabs Accelator mentors found a contact for us. Between Baxter, RCL staff, Muru-D team, mentors, Telstra, their contacts and Aaron Birkby (our facilitator) they have a huge roller-dex of contacts and they’re not afraid to use them.

Apply Now!

At the time of writing, there’s only 2 weeks remaining. Apply now. It’s worth it.

Apply Now

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  1. Annette

    An interesting post. Good Reasons to apply for RiverCityLab’s Accelerator!


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