Join Richard and Andrea on the journey of their lawn mowing startup GreenSocks. Mistakes will be made. Fun will be had!

4 Mistakes When We Met Premier Palaszczuk

One of my favourite idiosyncrasies of startup culture is its ability to embrace mistakes. To me, this has always stood out as the key differentiator between a standard business networking event (where attendees tend to exhibit a contagious compulsion to fake their...

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Death Star with Brisbane for Scale

Hi Brisbane, I’m doing a test to see if people are interested in seeing Star Wars stuff to scale on Earth. Here’s  the Death Star with Brisbane to scale. What do you want to see next? Comment below and I’ll make it...

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How Many Hot Dogs Could Your Startup Eat?

Have you read the book Think Like A Freak?  If not, do yourself a favour and grab a copy. It’s the perfect inspiration for startup founders wanting to disrupt traditional ways of thinking. The book’s brilliant collection of stories include: How Takeru...

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The Story of Our First Lawn Mowing Job

They say that you’ll always remember your business’s first customer. We certainly will! Here’s the story of our GreenSocks’ first lawn mowing job… The surprise phone call It was Wednesday 8 April. Richard and I had busted open our laptops...

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The Day Richard and Andrea Finally Met

No, it’s not the climax to a Tinder love story. You’re safe. It’s the story of how Richard and I only met for the first* time today, despite having worked together as co-founders on our handyman lawn care startup Odd Jobs GreenSocks for the last 3-4...

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2 Reasons Why Startup Weekend Changed My Life

Have you ever thought about going to one of those crazy 54-hour-long events known as a Startup Weekend? The ones where you spend all weekend with a cohort of strangers who, like you, want to see what starting a startup is all about. What started in Boulder, Colorado...

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Important VS Hard – A Startup Tip

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard. JFK said that, didn’t he? In life, hard things are usually better than easy things. Work harder? Make more money. Run harder? Get fitter....

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Welcome to our Startup Blog!


If you’re a bootstrapping startup founder who’d prefer to avoid the mistakes we’ve made, or equally, you’d like to be inspired by some of the wins we’ve had (or should we say, hope to have), you’re in the right place. Welcome! We’re Richard Eastes and Andrea Martins and this startup blog is where we’re adding our learnings and lessons from our startup journey with our lawnmowing marketplace, GreenSocks.

So, who is Richard Eastes?

Richard Eastes is a business guy and computer geek with a secret love of lawn mowing and startups. Just for fun, he’s been known to try to out-mow and out-green the lawns of his Brisbane neighbours. His background includes running the car insurance comparison site Captain Compare (sold in 2010) and the successful car rental startup VroomVroomVroom (in which he is still a shareholder).

And who is Andrea Martins?

Andrea Martins is a busy work-from-home Sunshine Coast mum who never gets time to mow her lawn. In her search for a reliable and trusted lawn care provider, she’s had contractors not return her calls, refuse to quote on the phone, not show up, overcharge, leave cigarette butts in her garden, and accidentally over-poison (and kill) her grass and even her family’s guinea pig! Her background includes running the global resource site Expat Women (sold in 2014).

What else can we tell you?

MMMmmm… Richard works from (and is a mentor at) River City Labs (the co-working space started by Steve Baxter from Shark Tank Australia) in Brisbane. When not with Richard at River City Labs, Andrea works from home on the Sunshine Coast. Richard’s a Ludum Dare fan. Andrea’s a Startup Weekend fan. We don’t have any amazing claims to fame. And no, we’re not love interests. We’re just two people (with very supportive partners) who are trying to make a dream come true, just like you?


Were we in a startup accelerator?

Yes! We were honoured to be one of five teams chosen to be in muru-D’s first Brisbane-based accelerator (also known as the River City Labs accelerator) based in River City Labs, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

The program was split into two parts. Part one ran 14 weeks (to 18 December 2015) and was an intensive full-time gig in Brisbane, with lots of mentoring and masterclasses, plus a couple of trips to Sydney. Part two ran 15 weeks (to 31 March 2016) and was a more hands-off, flexible working scenario. The startup accelerator experience was awesome and we highly recommend it. Huge thanks to everyone in muru-D and River City Labs!

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