Concord Lawn mowing (The suburb, not the Jet)

So you’re in need of lawn mowing in Concord?

Yes, we’re talking about the Concord that’s a river-side suburb in Sydney. Not the super-sonic British airliner.

Great, you’re in the right place. Book you’re lawnmowing and garden maintenance job with us today. You’ll be so happy you did!

Fun fact, Concord (the suburb) has one of the highest concentrations of lush, green grass of all of the suburbs in inner Sydney.

Why? Because there’s not only hundreds of suburban homes with generously large back yards, but there’s also a deliciously green golf course (Massey Park Golf Club) smack bang in the middle.

Okay, so being a fairly small suburb, also helps with this Concord statistic.

Anyway… GreenSocks can arrange to mow your lawn, trim your hedges and maintain your Concord garden. Easier (and more fun) than ever before!

We start by asking what size garden party you could host on your lawn.

Then… How tall is your grass? Where to put the grass clippings? Is the job urgent? Any job instructions? Any weeding or hedges?

And finally we provide you with an estimate to book it in.

We mow lawns here…


Not the jet here…

Do you know where “The Golden Mile” is in nearby Strathfield?


Remember if you’re in need of Concord lawn mowing and you really don’t want to mow it yourself. Try GreenSocks, you’ll never ever look back.

Love to mow lawns and maintain gardens? Really wish you were a mowing provider for GreenSocks. Why wish… sign up today!


Or do you need Concord West mowing?