How To Get & Use Testimonials for Your Lawn Care Business

How To Get & Use Testimonials for Your Lawn Care Business

One of the most powerful ways to get new customers and grow your lawn care business is to get testimonials from customers who are currently happy with your lawn service.

If you are too scared or too busy to ask your customers for a testimonial, let today be a wake up call. Customer testimonials are probably the cheapest, but most valuable, marketing tool you could have to grow your business. If you’re not doing it, you need to start, today!

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How to Get Testimonials



Asking the first few customers is usually the hardest. After that, once you’re in the swing of things and feeling more confident, EVERY time you get great feedback you should be stopping to ask your customer immediately, “May we please use your comments for a testimonial for our business, to help us get more customers?”

Whether you run a lawn mowing, gardening or landscaping business, most people who have just appreciated your lawn and garden finesse won’t say no, if you ask them nicely and give them a reason (eg. to get more customers). Especially when they’ve already given you great feedback. The trick with asking for a testimonial (and asking to use their name) is to ask them promptly and ask them personally. This is because people are notoriously slack if you bulk email them and ask them to help, but notoriously amazing if you ask them promptly and ask them personally. They get a kick out of feeling like they have helped you and you get a kick out of yet another testimonial.

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How to Use Testimonials


Even more important than getting testimonials for your lawn care business, is promoting your testimonials, fast. The longer you leave the promotion of your testimonials in your ‘to do’ pile, the less likely you are to promote them, ever.

Facebook – the first and fastest place you can blast your testimonials is on Facebook. It’s better if your customer writes from their Facebook page, but if that’s too tricky, you can include the testimonial from your business Facebook page, with quotation marks, the name of your customer (if they have given you permission, even if it’s just “Jane M” rather than “Jane Mitchell”, so as to honour Jane’s privacy as much as possible) and the suburb, if possible, so that Facebook and Google recognise it as a local testimonial and therefore relevant for other people searching for lawn care businesses in your area.

Lawn mowing business website – Hopefully you have a website for your business, and you know how to upload a testimonial? If not, ask your website company to please teach you. It’s genuinely a very, very simple task and if they can’t teach you, you might want to consider switching website companies to one that cares more about you than about profiting from you when you need basic website updates.

YouTube – If you have a business YouTube channel, you can post video testimonials from your customers there (maybe record customers on your smartphone and upload when you get home, with their permission of course). Or, you can video yourself reading out the testimonials you get each month and post them on YouTube so that gradually, over time, you have a full record of your best testimonials, as well as more and more chances that potential customers will find you online and book you for their next lawn mowing, gardening or landscaping job.

Other social media – If you have other social media accounts (eg. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google+ and so forth), you can put the testimonial there as well. But don’t overwhelm yourself with social media accounts. Facebook and your business website are usually enough, unless you’re an online pro and have time to blast all of your channels.

Email signature – Choose your best testimonials and put them in your email signature. It’s easy to do and it will mean that every email you send will serve proof to potential customers of the awesome service you have provided to previous customers.

Invoices – If you can, add your best or most recent testimonials to your invoices. Again, this means that you are constantly reminding people why they chose your service and that others have verified your lawn care service to be worthy of more business.

Flyers – A flyer promoting your business is usually more powerful with customer testimonials, don’t you think?

Advertising – If you pay for any advertising (eg. local newspaper, magazine, bus shelter signs, Google Ads or more), you might like to add customer testimonials to your advertising, to again reinforce that other customers are able to vouch for your good service.

Did you know? Google has a feature called “review extensions” that allow you to opt in (when you set up your Google Ads) and have testimonials and reviews included in your ad? Given that these are extra words to your ad, it’s a huge bonus if you can do this, because it gives you more text with which to convince a potential customer to click on your ad and not your competitors’.

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Want More?


Okay, so hopefully that’s enough to kickstart you to not just ask for more testimonials this year but to do something with them, so you can get more customers for your lawn care business and have a fantastic year!

If you want more inspiration on this topic, here’s a one-hour-long video about lawn care testimonials and review strategies, from the Lawn Care Millionaire and the Lawn Care Marketing Expert:

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  1. Annette

    We have an automate email that ask for a testimonial… a few words about experience working with us, about the team! It works perfect! Always people want to share or to promote the team.


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