Watch a Lawnmower Destroy Gadgets in Slow-Mo

Watch a Lawnmower Destroy Gadgets in Slow-Mo

We all know that the family lawnmower is a pretty powerful machine. That’s why people keep their own limbs away from its blades and many people prefer to book a lawn mowing professional instead.

But if you have ever wondered exactly what would happen if your mower ran over a computer keyboard, computer mouse, graphics card, remote controller or a water bottle, we’ve found the video for you!

Lawnmower Drop-n-Shred

This video entitled “Lawnmower Drop-n-Shred” was published last week by David Kronstein, an electronics engineer from Canada. In slow-mo, you can watch how David’s mower destroyed water bottles and each of the gadgets mentioned – overlaid by classical music, just in case you needed the brutal experience to be dressed up as classy.


Lawnmower Shreds a CD Player

Last week’s video was not David’s first about lawnmowers. In 2008, he published this video of an old-style CD player being dropped onto a lawnmower blade:


Lawnmower Shreds a Treadmill Display

And in the same year, he published this video of an old treadmill display being dropped into a lawnmower blade repeatedly until the display was completely destroyed by the blade that was spinning at full speed at about 3500rpm.


Want More?

If you’re a fan of destruction videos, check out David’s YouTube channel Tesla500. He delights in creating science and engineering videos that focus on tear-downs of weird and uncommon equipment, as well as high-speed Mythbuster-like-video-shots on his home-built, high-speed camera. David’s videos have attracted nearly 3 million views and over 10,000 subscribers since he started publishing on his YouTube channel in June 2006.

If David’s videos resonate and you want more geeky details, you can also check out his website, ω₀ Labs, where he more intricately details his projects and random thoughts. He does everything from electronic engineering experiments, to software and mechanical design. Enjoy!

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