What Time Can I Mow My Lawn?

What Time Can I Mow My Lawn?

It’s Sunday morning. You have a dozen friends coming over for lunch. And then, oh no! You realise that you forgot to book your lawn mowing service this week, so you’ll have to get outside and mow the lawn yourself.

But with a hot day predicted and 101 things to do before your friends arrive, you’d desperately love to start mowing as early as possible. The question is…

“What time can I mow my lawn?”


In Australia, the answer varies from state to state. So, if you want to avoid getting stung with a $1000* on-the-spot Council noise fine just for mowing your own lawn, it’s important that you know your own State’s noise restriction times and not just rely on neighbourhood hearsay. At the time of writing, lawn mower and power tool noise in Australia is only permitted within these hours:

7am – 7pm Business day or Saturday
8am – 7pm Sunday and Public Holidays

New South Wales
8am – 8pm Sunday and Public Holidays
7am – 8pm Any other day

Australian Capital Territory
7am – 8pm Monday – Friday
8am – 8pm Sunday and Public Holidays

7am – 8pm Monday – Friday
9am – 8pm Saturday and Sunday

South Australia
9am – 8pm Sunday
8am – 8pm Any other day

Western Australia
7am – 7pm Monday – Saturday
9am – 7pm Sunday and Public Holidays
With a 2 hour per day limit for specified power equipment such as lawnmowers, power tools and blower vacs

7am – 6pm Monday – Friday
9am – 6pm Saturday
10am – 6pm Sunday

Northern Territory
7am – 7pm Monday – Saturday
9am – 6pm Sunday and Public Holidays

Disclaimer: This information is meant only as a guide. Please contact your relevant local council for correct and updated information and fine amounts. * The $1000 fine example was from the Gympie Regional Council in Queensland.

Lawn mower cartoon on CartoonStock.com

Lawn mower cartoon on CartoonStock.com


What do you think a lawnmower sounds like?

Speaking of lawnmower noise restriction times, what do you think a lawnmower sounds like?

Briggs & Stratton – a famous name in lawnmowers and the world’s largest producer of air-cooled petrol engines for outdoor power equipment – ran an innovative competition a few years ago which asked people to impersonate the sound that a lawn mower makes.

They offered $5,000 and a new Briggs & Stratton lawn mower. Below is their fun promo video. Maybe compare it to what noise you would make?



Want more?

Click here to learn more about lawnmower noise, how it compares to a jack hammer and a jet craft and/or you’d like to watch a video of the world’s quietest power lawnmower,


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