Which Lawn Mowing Franchise Should I Buy?

Which Lawn Mowing Franchise Should I Buy?

If you want to start a lawn mowing business but you don’t want to do it on your own, you may be asking “Which lawn mowing franchise should I buy?”

Ultimately, the decision is yours alone, so we can’t give you advice about which lawn mowing franchise to buy. However, generally speaking, if you are considering buying a lawn mowing franchise, there are some common factors you might consider…

Factors to consider when choosing which lawn mowing franchise to buy?

  • Upfront costs
    • lawn mowing franchises typically range from $5,000 to $50,000 in upfront costs – so, compare the upfront costs between the different brands;
  • Ongoing fees to the franchise brand and/or master franchisor
    • namely for expenses such as marketing, administration, call centre referrals and so on – so again, it’s smart to compare;
  • Strength of the lawn mowing franchise’s brand name
    • usually you pay more for stronger brand names;
  • Rapport with the franchise sales person and/or master franchisor for your area
    • ideally, you want to buy into a company where you have a good rapport with the people you will be working with;
  • Recommendations
    • from others who have already bought specific lawn mowing franchises;
  • Reputation
    • Google the companies you’re comparing to assess their reputation in the lawn care marketplace;
  • Your personal situation
    • finances, goals, timeframes, skills, lawn mowing experience, as well as possible experience in running a business of any sort.

Which lawn mowing franchise is best?

You’ll have to make that decision yourself. But here is a list of some lawn mowing franchise names in the Australian lawn care market for which you might like to compare offerings:

  • VIP Home Services
    • based in SA
    • started in 1979
  • Jim’s Mowing
    • based in VIC
    • started in 1989
  • Express Lawn Mowing & Gardening
    • based in QLD
    • now the second-largest home services franchise group, after Jim’s
  • Grey Army
    • based in VIC
  • Graham’s Garden Care
    • based in QLD
    • started in 1982
  • Fox Mowing & Gardening
    • based in SA
    • started in 2012 by a former Jims Mowing master franchisor
  • James Home Services
    • acquired in late 2015 by Just 1 Call in QLD
    • started in 1993
  • Andrew’s Affordable Mowing Service
    • based in QLD
    • started in 1984
  • Top Cut Lawn Mowing
    • based in VIC
  • 1300 4 Gardening
    • based in QLD
    • started around 1998*
  • Mark’s Mowing
    • based in VIC
  • Boring Chores Property Services
    • based in QLD
  • Select Lawn Mowing
    • based in NZ but operating in AU
    • started in 2006

Disclaimers: This list is not exhaustive. Our listing does not imply endorsement of any brand whatsoever. Brands are listed in no particular preference order.

What if I don’t buy a lawn mowing franchise?

If the main reason you want to buy a lawn mowing franchise is to get more customers, there are other options. We’ve included some ideas here: 20 ideas to get customers for a lawn mowing business.

If you already have your own lawn mowing business and ABN, you might also like to sign up with GreenSocks to pick up extra lawn mowing jobs. If you’d like to know more, here’s our FAQ for lawn mowing providers.

You might also like to read this article “Should I buy a lawn mowing franchise?” which includes information on:

  • advantages and disadvantages of buying a franchise;
  • questions to ask yourself before buying a franchise;
  • the Franchise Council of Australia;
  • the Franchising Code of Conduct;
  • the Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo;
  • and more.

In summary, buying a lawn mowing franchise is a big decision, so be sure to consider your options carefully and seek professional advice. Best of luck with your decision!


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