Why I recommend Meteor and React JS for your business

Why I recommend Meteor and React JS for your business

Less than 24 hours after purchasing a locked-in 12 month subscription to another platform, I made a tough call to dump it. As a coder, it wasn’t going to cut it. GreenSocks needed a new solution. Meteor and React JS was it.

1 month after switching to Meteor, a system to manage lawn mowing jobs was complete. No prior experience. Meteor gave 3 choices to use for a front end / view layer. Choices are Angular, Blaze and React JS. I chose React.

Here’s why I love using Meteor and React JS so far:

  1. I appreciate the choice to put logic and html in the same jsx file. I don’t always like code separation, even though most people encourage separation as the proper way to do things.
  2. You know when you’re in a GoogleDoc and someone else is in it at the same time? This is a built in feature to Meteor. The Reactive form fields make me look like a god coder. The GreenSocks crew says “Ohhhhh wow we can see each others updates like in Google Docs.
  3. I don’t like SQL and I really enjoy the new style of nosql Mongo DB.
  4. There’s currently 9785 packages and plugins that others have written that I can use for free. No to mention 1000’s more with the new NPM package installer.
  5. It has a future that I feel confident in. At the very least, React and Mongo aren’t going anywhere and I feel like Meteor is the perfect glue to join them. Also excited about future with more use of npm.
  6. I can build a prototype very quickly compared to the old school ASPX / MSSQL, PHP / MySQL way of doing things. Non coders can also use Meteor Kitchen
  7. The community on Reddit and meteor forums have so far offered answers to any questions I have.
  8. React Native is a new way to build native apps on IOS and Android. This means GreenSocks can transition to native phone apps quickly and with less development costs
  9. React and Meteor are open source.

Moral of the story?

Whether you’re building the next lawn mowing app, or some other crazy idea, consider using Meteor when deciding on a technology develop it with.

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